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Although the majority of South Africans can understand two languages, most of us can speak only one. So, if you’re trying to learn another language, find a learning partner.

A partner will be someone who you can help with your language; and vice versa. Ideally, try to look for a person with a similar outlook and interests to your own, someone who can become a good friend. This will help you to bring as much variety as possible to your sessions – for example reading newspaper and magazine articles to each other over lunch and discussing them in the new language.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!

——–Money Matters——–

Tips for Starting Your Own Successful Business

Tips for Starting Your Own Successful Business

If you dream of having your own successful business and being your own boss, then this is one article you need to read. For most people this is just something they desire. However, it takes specific traits to become successful at business. And, it doesn’t end at traits and obviously money, but it requires your time too. Therefore, if having your own business is what you’re striving to achieve, we’ve put together six tips to starting and running your own business successfully.


Recipe Of The Week – Linguine Al Limone With Grilled Chia Chicken

Linguine al limone with grilled chia chicken

With all the superfoods that keep popping up, you can’t avoid hearing about the incredible nutritional benefits of chia seeds. They’ve stood the test of time and continue to be one of the most popular. However, some if not most of us generally use this top superfood in puddings, smoothies and baked goods. If you’re looking for a savoury dish that infuses chia in it, look no further than this tasty linguine al limone with grilled chia chicken recipe

——–Product Recommendations——–

9 Gins You Must Try In South Africa

9 Gins You Must Try In South Africa

If you’re a gin drinker, you probably enjoy a diversity of gins. You will not find the same combination of botanicals in two different bottles. It’s this variety of flavours is what keeps many gin lovers loyal to their drink. In fact, trying out different flavours never gets boring. Before I let you in on the nine gins you must try in South Africa, I want to share my favourite gin cocktail recipe.

——–Self Development Tips——–

Four New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep


The new year is finally here and most resolutions are taking off. However, how many times have you set resolutions for the New Year’s only to find yourself going off track before Easter? Lots, right? Well, the main reason resolutions fail is because they are sometimes unrealistic. So, if you decided not to do the resolution thing this year, you should consider trying some of these:

——–Home Security Tips——–

Ways To Make Your Home Safer In 2019

Ways To Make Your Home Safer In 2019

South Africa has witnessed a huge upsurge in crime – particularly violent crime in the past ten years. With these rising crime statistics, how do you make your home safer? How do you steer clear of hijacking, armed robbery and housebreakings? Reports and videos of people being hijacked in their own driveways or assaulted in their own homes are common, criminals are becoming more audacious by the day, and there seems no end to the soaring crime rate. There are, however, several ways you can make your home less vulnerable – almost all thieves are thwarted by sensible, easy-to-employ precautions.

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