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Your brain is more powerful than any computer, and can store and recall far more material than you could ever use in your entire life. All you have to do is develop an almost photographic memory.

You can do this by learning how to retain information in a way that makes it easy to recall. For example, people lose personal items such as their keys, spectacles or pen because they weren’t paying attention when they put them down. So, create a special place for the items you misplace regularly. Make it a logical place and visualise it every time you arrive at or leave your home or workplace. Even if you didn’t take your keys out with you, check to make sure they are still there.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!

———–Money Matters———–

Five Ways to Achieve Wealth and Success

Five Ways to Achieve Wealth and Success

Where are you supposed to start if you want to build wealth and are striving for business success? To achieve this your approach must be a little differently from the average person on the street. You have to think of smarter ways of doing things and relating to people. There are various things you can do, but if you’re not doing these five things, you could be drawing yourself back. Click here to find out what they are.


Recipe Of The Week: Classic Waffles

Recipe Of The Week: Classic Waffles

There is little to beat a whole‑food classic waffle, served with Ice‑cream and honey. Alternatively, you may serve waffles with a variety of healthy toppings. However, beware of aluminium waffle irons ‑ especially those that have had the non‑stick coating worn off. Non‑stick waffle irons usually do not present a sticking problem, but if they do, use a little oil to grease the plates, then overbake the first waffle and discard it. Click here to get your recipe.

———–Beauty Tips———–

How To Care for Your Skin, Hair & Nails This Winter

How To Care for Your Skin, Hair & Nails This Winter

Winter is in full swing! If you haven’t turned your beauty routine up a notch, you’re probably suffering the effects! Cold weather often leaves your skin, hair and even nails dull, dry, and damaged. It’s weird how oily skin and hair appears drier, your nails become weaker and brittle and your scalp itchy or flaky. What do you do? How do you fix this damage? Well, simply turn to essential oils! They are best natural solution to help skin, hair and nails retain their original shine. You just need to choose the right essential oils.

———–Relationship advice———–

Finding Love Later in lifeFinding Love Later in life

It’s not always easy to discover love in your 40s, 50s and beyond – we all lead such busy and hectic lives that it’s hard to find time; and even then we don’t know how to go about it, it’s been so long. Here’s how to succeed:

———–Most Read Article———–

Can Cannabis Oil Heal Cancer Wounds?

Can Cannabis Oil Heal Cancer Wounds?

According to a recent report, there is evidence that cannabis oil does heal cancer wounds and that its effect on human health could be far more beneficial than harmful. A 44-year-old cancer patient from Canada confirmed that cannabis oil effectively healed his wound that was caused by cancer after many other drugs had failed to treat it. The patient who suffered from oral cancer had a large hole in his cheek. The cannabis oil reportedly helped to reduce the size of this wound. Click here to read on.

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