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Are you bad at remembering people’s names? Well, the main reason why someone forgets another person’s name is because they weren’t paying attention when they were introduced.

They’ve failed to file the information in a memorable enough way to store it in their long-term memory bank. So, when you meet someone new, repeat their name back to them. If you can do it without feeling embarrassed, ask how they spell it. Use the name again as soon as you can. Repeat it once more when you say goodbye to that person. That name will be stored permanently in your memory’s database.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!


——–Money Matters——–

Are Classic Cars A Good Investment?

Are Classic Cars A Good Investment?

With the price of classic and rare cars rising over the last 30 years, are they really a good alternative investment for your cash? Should you buy them with the hope that they’ll increase in value or should they remain just a ‘passion’ hobby? Let’s take a closer look at some of the highest selling classic cars and the possibility of investing in these cars…

——–Health Tips——–

Improve Vision With Carrots, Ginger & Orange Juice

Improve Eye Vision Naturally with Carrots, Ginger & Orange Juice

Beside carrots, the best way to get a super dose of beta-carotene is by eating oranges. They help maintain the health of your eyes, skin, heart and many other organs. Loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds as well as a number of antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C, this super-energising and delicious juice will surely boost your immunity! 


Recipe Of The Week: Cheese, Chive & Onion Muffins

Recipe Of The Week: Cheese, Chive & Onion Muffins

You can enjoy savoury muffins at breakfast, lunch or supper. Because they are so tasty and full of flavour, they can be enjoyed with soups in Winter and salads in Summer. Some even have savoury muffins as sides at braais, so Nature’s Choice decided to share this awesome Cheese, Chive & Onion Muffins recipe for you to enjoy with friends and family. Nature’s Choice created this recipe from its wholesome products.

——–Most Read Article——–

Forgetful? Here are Six Things You Should Know About Your Brain


Did you know your memory speed declines by about 2% each decade, starting in your late 20s? Yes it does! However, there are lots research-backed strategies that can help you keep your brain functioning at its peak. And today, I’ll share some of these with you.

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