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Are you wondering which foods to eat to keep your skin smooth, and help fight age-related damage? Well, for starters strawberries are brimming with anti-ageing vitamin C.

In fact, they have more vitamin C than oranges or grapefruit. Second on the list are pomegranates which are one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits, making them an anti-ageing superstar. Pumpkins also get their beautiful orange colour from wrinkle-fighting plant pigments that help fight off free radicals, which damage cells and fast-forward ageing. Add these to your diet and watch the benefits take effect.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed this week here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!


Art Curator takes on Digital Art with Michael Jordon

Michael Jordon 4

Digital art has exploded with the modern age and with it, brilliant and fantastic artists have emerged from its rupture. Art Curator has recently interviewed Michael Jordon, a local Digital Artist born in Johannesburg. He studied Actuarial Science at Wits and moved to Cape Town in 2014 where he was inspired by the cities First Thursday events where the local galleries stay open late into the night. We currently have three of his works up in the Gallery – click here to read on.


Recipe Of The Week – Texan Burger

Texan Burger recipe, Recipe,

The following is a basic idea for a vegetarian sausage or burger. You won’t buy ready-made burger patties again after trying this Best Ever Texan Burger recipe. Get your recipe here.

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An Inexpensive Home Remedy For Razor Burn

Razor burn

Razor burn can not only be unsightly, but painful too. And, if you’ve tried every product at your pharmacy, you’ve probably given up. Well don’t! There’s something in your kitchen cabinet that can treat it! So, what is this razor burn remedy, you ask? It’s baking soda! This inexpensive, readily-available remedy can treat razor burn and leave your skin looking younger. Click here to read on.

—————Product Reviews————–

The Importance Of Using The Right Products On Your Skin

With our skin being our largest organ, means that applying products daily is as good as the saying goes, “you are what you eat!” You will certainly be affected by the constant chemicals and ingredients that we apply to our skin! Ongoing research is showing that the damage we are doing is clear, not only from a topical point of view but for females especially, from a hormonal point of view too! We need to start being more aware of what NOT to use! Click here to read on.

—————Most Popular Article————–

High Protein Vegetarian Foods

high protein

Our culture is obsessed with eating protein. This is why vegetarians and vegans are constantly questioned about their decision to stop eating meat. If you’re a vegetarian, you know exactly what I’m on about. So, if you’re not vegetarian and enjoy your meat and meat products, it’s time you knew how vegetarians get their protein. And, if you’re vegetarian, here are vegetarian foods that are great sources of protein!

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