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A happy, smiling face is the most attractive feature of all. It’s easy to get out of the habit of smiling when you’re on
your own – smiling is a social device. Learn to do it in private when nobody else is there.

Read a funny book, watch your favourite comedy programme – just try to see the funny side of life. Make a deal with
yourself to smile at least three times an hour from now on. You’ll be amazed at what a simple smile can do.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!



Recipe Of The Week – Coconut Flour Gluten-free Pizza Base

pizza base

The natural sweetness of coconut flour makes for a great tasting pizza base. When making gluten-free pizza bases its hard to get that crispy texture without it becoming chewy. The trick is in the preparation which is different to your usual base. Click here to get your recipe.

——–Product Recommendations——–

Introduction to Medical Grade Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and is infused with cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This makes it extremely helpful in treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, appetite issues and muscle spasms. THC is psychoactive, and CBD is anti-psychotic, but a blend of more CBD to less THC is non-psychoactive and a beneficial medication. Click here to read on.

——–Money Matters——–

How To Earn A living Travelling The World

How To Earn A living Travelling The World

Earning a living travelling the world seems like an unattainable dream to most people. How can you make enough money to be my own boss and get paid to travel the world? Do you have sponsors? Who is paying you to travel the world? Well, making money while you travel means you’re free to roam the planet without being stuck working at a teaching job or other full-time gig. It’s a combination of things that can make you anxious about where your next cheque will come from. Click here to read on.

——–Most Read Article——–

Before the Rainbow: My Story of Multiple Miscarriages
Before the Rainbow: My Story of Multiple Miscarriages

I have put off sitting down to write this article for days now. Apart from time constraints, I have realized that this is such a painful topic for me to write on, that I am battling to even write the word “miscarriage”. In days gone by, I don’t think people recognized the pain that couples go through when the lose their babies, but these days we are all more informed and sympathetic to other people’s losses. I hope that our story will be a story of hope and inspiration to anyone out there, that has experienced a miscarriage.

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