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Investing in wine

Investing in wine is a fantastic idea if you’re looking for a unique type of investment. However, before you leap in, you need to know what you’re looking for and a little bit more about the market.

The highly influential American wine connoisseur Robert Parker marks everything he sips out of 100. Anything over 96 is classed “an extraordinary wine” and turns a fine wine into a superb investment. So, follow Robert Parker’s reviews and always consider his opinion before investing in this sector.

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Recipe Of The Week – Spread

Recipe Of The Week - Spread

If you are going to use a spread, it is far better to use whipped cream or thick cream, for in either case the fat in the cream has not been broken out of its globule. Even when the cream is chewed with our food, the pressure created by the teeth is insufficient to break the fat out of its globule – with the result that the fat passes unchanged into the stomach where it is dealt with just as Nature intended. Discover for yourself just how much better your food will taste – plus your mouth won’t have have that fatty feel after your meal. Click here to get your recipe.

—————Beauty Tips————–

DIY Cinnamon and Honey Acne Treatment

Acne treatment

Raw honey has many uses. You can use it to bake sweet treats, to sweeten a cup of tea, or to enhance the flavour of your pecan pie – it’s very versatile. I love the fact that it is also a natural humectant. This means it’s a remarkable moisturiser, and it also has antibacterial properties that are great for spot-treating acne. The honey and cinnamon acne treatment recipe I’m about to share with you works wonders. Click here to read further.

—————Weight loss Tips————–

Is Intermittent Fasting A Proven Way Of Losing Weight Quickly?

Is Intermittent Fasting A Proven Way Of Losing Weight Quickly?

If you’re trying to drop some kilos, you might get tempted to completely cut out calories by starving yourself – fasting. Does this mean you’ll lose weight faster? Well, while this will be the case in the short-term, and could be good for your health, you have to avoid fasting in the long-term. Intermittent fasting is a term for eating (and not eating) intermittently. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.


The Natural Magic of Crystals

The Natural Magic of Crystals

There is something enchanting about crystals. Everyone loves their complex colours, patterns, shapes and textures. Children seem to have a particular fondness of gems and stones, and every woman knows the power of a diamond! It is because of humanity’s renewed love of, and interest in, the magical world of gems and crystals, that Trish Taylor and Ryan Edmonds are wanting to share some of their own learnings with you. We’ll cover all the basics of sacred minerals in a simple (and really fun) workshop.

—————Popular Article————–

Why So Many People Are Going Vegan

Why are so many people going vegan

With the numerous extreme detoxes and fad diets out there, it can be difficult to figure out which is the healthiest way to eat. There’s certainly no shortage of options, no matter your goal. You’ll find diets out there for almost anything. From simply losing a few kilos to balancing blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol. However, there’s one specific diet that’s gaining a lot of attention because it’s ability to provide infinite health benefits. I’m talking about the plant-based diet. Loaded with of seeds, nuts, whole grains and vegetables, the plant-based diet or vegan diet, in my opinion, is one that you should consider. Here’s why everyone is opting for a plant based diet.

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