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new year

So, the year has begun, and we’re just about settling back into our routines. As motivated as we are feeling, the sluggish-body is feeling as though it could lighten up a bit after all the decadent festive season fun.

Detoxing is not just about food and we cannot wait to share our multi-faceted approach with you. To find out how you can join our 2018 detox adventure, click here.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed this week here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!




Win A Sunstar GUM Hamper

Win A Sunstar GUM Hamper

The focus is on fresh breath this February and we’re giving away an awesome Sunstar GUM hamper worth over R600, packed with all the oral care tools you need for a healthy mouth. Click here for giveaway details.

—————Product Recommendations————–

Health Benefits Of Buchu Water

Buchu water

Agathosma betulina commonly known as Buchu tops the list of natural health remedies. It is an evergreen, flowering plant that smells like minty blackcurrants and is indigenous to South Africa. The richness of Buchu is in the leaves, which are antimicrobial, an effective diuretic and anti-inflammatory. These medicinal properties make Buchu effective in the treatment of:


Experience The Magic Of Majeka House – Stellenbosch

There is nothing as quite spectacular as the Stellenbosch region. Every time I go there I feel as if I get lost in a little European town, hidden in the hills and valleys of the Wine Estate region, this diverse town has so much culture to offer. And then there is Majeka House. This 5 Star Boutique Hotel offers an eclectic, yet super chic luxury stay. Click here to keep reading.


Recipe Of The Week: Milk Gluten Free Bread

Recipe Of The Week: Milk Gluten Free Bread

If you’re looking for an allergy friendly bread recipe that tastes good, you’ve come to the right place. You can make this milk gluten free bread recipe easily at home. Click here to get your recipe.

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What Your Urine Could Be Telling You


Changes in the odour, colour and consistency of your urine can give you important clues about your health. Your urine can tell how much you’ve been drinking, what you’ve been eating and what diseases you could have. Urine is not only waste. It is a window into the inner workings of your body and functions as an “early warning system” for detecting health problems. That’s because many of the substances in your body such as yeast, bacteria, sugar and excess protein eventually make their way into your pee. Click here to read on.

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One day to go!

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