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It’s a fact – happy people look younger! However, there are other ways you can cut down on worry lines and look younger. Start by making sure you get enough beauty sleep to give your skin cells a chance to regenerate.

A lightly beaten egg white mixed with two teaspoons of cornflour makes a cheap and effective face mask. Alternative: mix together a mashed-up banana with a tablespoon of honey, and apply for 20 minutes. Egg white is also a good treatment for open pores. Adding sunflower oil to warm water can help to soften your skin. Treat tired eyes by holding a peeled and grated raw potato against them. Or use cold, wet teabags for a similar rejuvenating effect. Vaseline removes mascara well, and also thickens eyelashes.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!

Thoughtful Gifts That We Know Dad Will LOVE

thoughtful gifts

Men are so hard to buy gifts for.. We spend hours on the net, or at the shops, trying to find something suitable.. and most of the time, end up buying them clothes… or cologne. We decided to make your Father’s Day Shopping a little easier this year. For you, Dad… Here is a list of thoughtful gifts that we know Dad will LOVE!

Recipe Of The Week – Potato Gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi Recipe

The whole family will love these delicious, pillow soft potato dough dumplings. This homemade Potato Gnocchi recipe is easy to put together and has a ton of hot, cheesy flavor. It’s also a great weeknight meal recipe! Click here to get your recipe.

Simple Steps To Detox Your Makeup Bag

Simple Steps To Detox Your Makeup Bag

Detoxing your makeup bag can be as therapeutic as a body detox. It will be a time when you’ll transition to makeup products that won’t strain your pocket and jeopardize your health. You see, the average woman lathers, moisturizes, rubs and sprays a variety of skincare products on her body every day. Because your skin behaves more like a sponge than a barrier, you absorb most of the chemicals you regularly expose yourself to! Click here to read on.

Five Easy Ways to Tame Excessive Gas

excessive gas:

As much we all experience gas, some experience it more than others. Too much gas is usually caused by incompletely digested foods that ferment in the intestines. Here are five ways to prevent excessive gas.

Surprising Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Surprising Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

If you’re losing hair as a woman, you’re probably blaming the hair loss on scalp conditions, excessive styling and iron deficiency. However, when you start seeing globs of hair in your hairbrush, it can freak you out no matter the cause! This is because hair is a huge part of your identity as a woman. Furthermore, we’re made to believe that only men should lose hair. Is this true? Well, you might be surprised to know that 40% of those who suffer from hair loss are women. In addition, 50% of all women experience hair loss by the age of 50! So, now you can see that hair loss is not just a man’s problem. And today, I want to share three causes of hair loss in women that you probably didn’t know about.

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