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Friday is here everybody! You can kick back, relax and enjoy the weekend, starting here with a round up of all the best competitions, articles, recipes and more from the past seven days. Plus this week we introduced to South Africa, a breakthrough in skin care treatment. Read on to find out what it is!

Beards are all the rage in South Africa. A few years ago it was a trend that belonged to hipsters in Cape Town and Jo’burg, but more recently it has been adopted by men of all shapes, styles and colours. That’s a great thing, in my opinion.

But, if you don’t look after your beard properly, it can quickly turn into something that is more scarier than cool, and that’s definitely not a good thing. So take a look at our article all about beard oil, “Men’s Grooming Beard Oil Trend”:

“I learned that your skin pores need to clear first, so wash your face with some warm or hot water before using the oil. When you’re ready, get some in your hands and literally massage it into the skin under your beard. This way the oil will hydrate your skin while also softening the beard.”

The Gentleman’s Beard Oil


With fresh content coming multiple times a day on Life Retreat, it’s easy to miss out on something. That’s why we wanted to give you a second chance to win some of the awesome products we are giving away in our competitions. Just click any of the following links to enter!


Have you heard about Black Pearl? An innovative new skin care product that uses one of the most advanced, unique and innovative techniques in the world.

Earlier this week we introduced this wonder product to South Africa in our article “Introducing Black Pearl – A Breakthrough In Skin Care”:

“The G Mask infuses active ingredients directly into the skin. The mask is enriched with vitamins, pure oils and plant extracts that are vital to the healthy appearance and a unified texture of the skin. The active ingredients accelerate the cellular dynamics and effectively exfoliate dead cells.

The mask purifies and cleanses the skin without drying it, and prepares it for maximum absorption of moisture and nourishment. It gives the skin a clear, radiant and even tone, a firm and supple look, and a silky smooth texture.”

Black Pearl G-Mask


Here in South Africa, an average household of four family members wastes about 300 litres of reusable water per day. Can you believe that? The amount of water we waste in this country is huge, but luckily there are solutions to this ever growing problem.

“Most Effective DIY Ways To Save Water”

Water Treatment Techniques

You’ll be amazed at some of the techniques and solutions to saving water!


Black Pearl wasn’t the only make-up piece of the week. “5 Beauty Tips On A Budget”

Make-up Tips

For seriously good tips on lashes, hair treatment, natural make up removers and much more look no further than this article.


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  1. Pierre Avatar

    Once you try beard oil you honestly won’t ever grow a beard without using it daily

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Pierre
      It seems that everyone is raving about beard oil these days

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