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The last two weeks have been a busy time here at Life Retreat. With the launch of our new competitions & giveaways website, GiveawaySA, as well as the ongoing launch of our health, beauty & lifestyle store Lifestyle Shop Online, you can be sure that we have all been kept busy. But our heart remains with Life Retreat. We are all bloggers first and foremost. That’s why this week in our round-up, we’ve got some of the best lifestyle articles on the web!

Cosmetics play a large part in most of our lives, and this week Samantha posted a review of Becca cosmetics’ latest products; Backlight Priming Filter and the Compact Concealer:

“I got the Compact Concealer (R390) in the shade banana. This is probably the best concealer I’ve ever tried. It just blends in like a dream. It is actually quite dry, not as creamy as Bobbi Brown’s, but it still blends effortlessly and disappears into your skin leaving no trace of itself or of whatever you’re trying to cover.”

Becca Cosmetics ReviewIf you’re looking for a seriously In-depth review of some of Becca Cosmetics’ most sought after products, you should read this post. Click on the link below to go straight there:

Complexion Perfect: Becca Cosmetics Review


Our competition site, GiveawaySA, is in full swing, and this week saw the launch of multiple brand new competitions!

You stand the chance to win a ‘You’re Gorgeous Yardley Hamper’ this week worth almost R1000:

“One lucky lady can win this amazing Gorgeous Yardley hamper valued at almost R1000!

This prize includes 3 x Yardley Gorgeous perfumes and 3 x body sprays”

gorgeous yardley goldgorgeous Yardley perfumegorgeous yardley black

To stand a chance at winning this stunning hamper, click the link below:

You’re Gorgeous Yardley Hamper


Have you ever suffered from bouts of anxiety? Statistics say that in America alone, 40 million people will experience moderate to severe anxiety at some point in their lives. That’s over 18% of the adult population.

Whilst some people seek prescription drugs to help, many others are looking to more natural alternatives that have proven benefits with treating anxiety.

This week, we posted an article entitled “Anxiety – How To Deal With It Naturally” explaining some of the most beneficial natural anxiety remedies:

“CalmLite Anti-Anxiety is recommended for individuals who are occasionally anxious, feel stressed or struggle with stress-related eating habits.

It contains Relora, a proprietary blend of herbal extracts from Magnolia officinalis bark and Phellodendron amurense bark. These help balance the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA.”


To see more alternative treatments, you can click below and read the full piece.

Anxiety – How To Deal With It Naturally


Just like last year, Life Retreat has launched our Winter Warmer Campaign.

We are giving you guys the chance to purchase fleece blankets, scarves, gloves and beanies at cost price. This is beneficial in two ways; It helps create jobs and it allows you to give something back to those who need it most during the cold Winter months:

“Last year we paid it forward, and encouraged others to do the same.  We gave 2 scarves to each homeless person we came across, and asked them to give one of them to someone less fortunate than themselves.  We had an amazing response.  The best thing was that it made everyone, (no matter how much in need), aware that there is always someone else less fortunate out there.”


You can take a look at the full post, including rates, by clicking on the link below:

Annual Winter Warmer Campaign


Sunrises and Sunsets is a project launched by Trish, in which she plans to create a photo journal of some of the stunning sunrises & sunsets that we get here in South Africa:

“This morning, there was a chill in the air, but that didn’t stop me from stepping out barefoot onto the cold verandah.  The vision I saw, awoke my soul, and prepared me for my day ahead.


Keep up to date with Trish’s progress by clicking the link below and send us your photographs of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets you see to

Sunrises and Sunsets


We hope you enjoyed the round up this week. Remember to check out Lifestyle Shop Online for some of the best deals on luxury products. Health, beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle: It’s all there.

The Life Retreat Team

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