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Clinical tests have revealed that a traditional peanut oil and lemon juice remedy is a more effective dandruff treatment than those specially formulated shampoos.

Start by rubbing a small quantity of warm peanut oil into your scalp. Then, wait for two minutes to enable the skin and hair to absorb it. Next, apply the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon, wait again, for about five minutes and shampoo your hair thoroughly. Repeat this treatment on a weekly basis. It helps bring proteins to the surface of the scalp, hardening and protecting it.

Here’s a weekly wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Have a great weekend!

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As Busy as a Bee – The Power of Humming


Sometimes I look at the world and I see a hive of activity. Everyone busy going about their merry way, like bees, making money-honey, collecting nectar of as many good experiences as we can, and working our way to find our place in the city swarms. Click here to find out how to calm the busyness of the mind.


Recipe Of The Week: Pickled Gherkins

pickled gherkins

Forget shop-bought gherkins and pickles. Making your own sweet pickled gherkins the old-fashioned way, with natural ingredients has never been easier!! This recipe is so easy, ANYONE can make them! In fact, it’s a great activity to do with your kids! Here’s what to do…

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Six Risk Factors For High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

Foods such as buttered toast, coffee & cream, fatty piece of meat… are all loaded with saturated fats that raise cholesterol levels. However, high cholesterol risk goes beyond how many people in your family suffer from it and how often you eat eggs for breakfast. So, we’ve put together six of the biggest causes of high cholesterol that you should know about!

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How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Home Loan If You’re Self-Employed

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Home Loan If You're Self-Employed

The easiest way to get money to invest in property is to ask the bank. After all, most of us don’t have investors we can approach to finance our ventures. However, banks have become very strict especially if you run your own business. In fact, many business owners think it’s downright impossible to get a home loan. But I’ve got great news. It’s not! If you follow the three steps I’m about to give you, you see that it’s actually easy to get that loan approved.

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How To Overcome Your Junk Food Cravings

Junk Food Cravings

Just because that a bowl of ice-cream is calling your name doesn’t mean you have to answer. And, with the holiday season around the corner, controlling your junk food cravings now could help you train your taste buds, saving you from dieting in the coming year. Click here to read on.

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