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We are bubbling over with excitement. The great news is that Lifestyle Shop Online has relaunched. We are delighted with the look and feel of our new shopping site, and we are sure that you will be too.

You are probably wondering why?

We are re-launching a brand new online shop.

Well, as we all know a new business comes with teething problems. We had our fair share of these, and have ironed them out. But, more importantly, we have taken you, our clients into consideration. We have methodically worked through all the feedback that we have received, and modified our site according to our client’s needs. Please continue to send us your feedback, whether it is complementary, a complaint, or constructive advice or criticism. This way we can continue to make Lifestyle Shop Online your one-stop shop

For one week only we are offering every single person that comments below an R50 voucher to use off their next purchase on Lifestyle Shop Online. With your comment, please add the name of at lease one product that you would like us to sell, that is not already on our shopping site.

The aim of our fabulous online shop is to offer you the opportunity to buy products that we have tried, tested and highly recommend. If we don’t stock it, we will source it.


Our Life Retreat website/ blog will continue as usual.

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Shop to your Hearts Content!  We have loads of amazing goodies on Sale, to celebrate our launch. 

We have forums on our shop, which enable you to interact, ask, and answer other readers questions.  Please continue to give us your feedback, to enable us to continue to provide you with top quality products, at affordable prices.

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