Family Tattoo: Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish

We have a family tattoo, which says:  Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish (L-E-L-C).

I have had so much fun looking at other family tattoos, that I have decided to share some of these pics to inspire you.

4f9ca4827f98cf6a8f5e948b0ddd3543I had always vowed that I would never, ever, ever, ever have a tattoo.  I even went as far as, judging other people if they had them.  After all, when I grew up only sailors, and skanky girls had tattoos.  Well, that was my perception. But, there is something that I have realised in my life, and that is that, many of the things that I said I would never do, I have ended up doing.  Getting a tattoo was one of them.

images 2I had just woken up, from an extremely rare afternoon nap, and wandered downstairs to tell our 4 children about, my strange dream.  In the dream, I was telling a tattoo artist, all the reasons why I would never have a tattoo.  When, I woke up from the dream, none of the reasons really made sense to me.  I was wondering to myself why I had been so anti tattoos?

fb628aa6d70f8e271bc4a6335a9c89dfI explained my dream to our kids, and they asked with great excitement, if I would then consider having a tattoo. I said I wouldn’t, but no longer really knew why.  With that they whipped out a piece of paper, with a tattoo designed on it, and told me about their idea, for a family tattoo.  Live Embrace HTKTSG Love Cherish, were inscribed. The design had all of our 6 family’s initials, and a word that each of our 4 children, had carefully chosen.  I fell in love with it, and:


Off we went to the Tattoo Parlour.

At 1st I thought, since we were being tattooed along the side of the arch, of our foot, that I could always hide it with shoes if I chose to.  It was probably one of the most painful experiences, that I have ever had.  An hour seemed like 5 hours, but we all knew, that we couldn’t stop half way through.  We now all proudly wear our family tattoo. I love it so much, as I feel that, I am carrying a small part of our family, with me at all times.

Family quotes (1)

Not once, have I ever felt the wish to cover up, my tattoo, but rather,  I love having it visible.  People often come up to us, when they notice our tattoos, and ask us about them.  Everyone loves the idea of our family initials, and a symbolic word, for each of our children.  There have even been occasions, when we ended up for example with the same pedicurist, as someone else in the family, and they will say things like.  ” I am sure I know your daughter”  etc.


Our motto in our private lives, in our businesses, and in everything we do is:  Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish (L-E-L-C). So, the next time you are wondering what LELC stands for on Life Retreat, now you know!


Almost everyone these days, has at least one tattoo.  They are going to be with us, for the rest of our lives, so it is best that we care for, and look after them now.


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