Lose 5 Kg A Year By Drinking Coffee

Drinking Coffee for weightloss

If you’re a coffee lover like me, you know how much it helps to get going in the morning. You’ll also be happy to know that coffee gives your metabolism a temporary boost which can help you lose weight.

In fact, drinking your favourite coffee daily can help you lose up to 5 kg a year. Amazing right? This is not just hear say, but according to research published in Women’s Health Magazine. However, if you plan to make coffee part of your weight-loss plan, you need to talk to your doctor first.


How drinking coffee daily can help you lose up to 5 kilos per a year

Drinking 250 ml of coffee can boost your metabolism by as much as 4% over two and a half hours. Therefore, if you keep this gentle buzz going, you could burn an extra 100 calories per day. This can help you lose between 4.5 kg and 5 g a year.

You’re probably wondering what’s in coffee that can help you fat burn and lose weight. Well, it has two calorie incinerators – the antioxidant chlorogenic acid and caffeine which help metabolise fat and sugar. However, for optimal weight-loss results, you need to sip on your cuppa.  Your body only starts to break down caffeine after an hour and a half. Therefore, instead of pouring yourself one big cup as soon as you wake up, refill a smaller cup periodically up to four times a day.

Other health benefits of coffee

Coffee doesn’t only aid weight loss, but also helps your health in other ways. According to research by the Harvard School of Public Health, you can reap these benefits by drinking moderate amounts of the hot beverage. So, drink two to four cups a day to help reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver cancer.

This awesome beverage may not be the right fit for everyone. This is especially true if you have heart problems or anxiety. So, avoid coffee because  caffeine can make you anxious and jittery, or increase your heart rate. The same goes for if you have sleep problems.  Too much caffeine can make it hard for you to get a good night’s rest, which i turn sabotages weight-loss efforts. In addition, poor sleep habits often affect hormones and can make you hungry. This leads to overeat, according to Harvard Health Publications, which linked not getting enough sleep to poor food choices.

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