Lose Centimeters With Ceccarelli Fat Lipolyis

I began my journey with Ceccarelli a while ago, in my quest to lose weight. It is a brand new “innovative fat lipolysis Mesotherapy solution“. It was formulated by Professor Ceccarelli, who is a regenerative, and physiological scientist in Rome. Basically, it uses the Fenton reaction to re-sculpt the body and the face. My doctor kindly described this to me in layman’s terms, but I would suggest that if you would like to read up more on this subject, you can look it up on Wikipedia.

A solution of Vitamin C and iron is mixed in a laboratory, and is then administered by a doctor. For 3 days prior to beginning my treatment, I drank at least 10 glasses of water a day, and took milk thistle tablets 3 times daily. I will continue to do this for at least another week. I was feeling a little anxious about how painful it would be having injections into my stomach, and as to whether there would be any side effects.

Lose Centimeters With Fat Lipolysis

Thank goodness, I was pleasantly surprised, as the numerous injections were not painful at all. The assistant put ice on the injected areas, and this was really soothing. I had been warned about bruising, and by the time I got home, some of the bruises were visible. Later on today I am going to lie under the lights at Skin Renewal, which will help with the bruising. They are also going to take my measurements.

I would like to slim down a bit, and yesterday was officially the beginning of my weight loss journey. I ate loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, and salads.. I am going to cut out refined sugar completely, and the only starch I will be allowing myself, will be potatoes. I am also cutting out drinking alcohol during the week, and will only drink light wine on the weekends.

Make Sure You Are Eating Healthily

I will continue to measure and weigh myself weekly, and to give you feedback. I know it is a fairly slow process, and I will only know the full inch loss result in about a month’s time. This is because the Ceccarelli slowly causes the fat cells to die (apoptosis). One of the positives for me, is that it is a natural, safe treatment, with no side effects.

I am so excited to see the results, and if all goes well, who knows I may even try this on my face next.

The Results Are In…

I highly recommend the Skin Renewal clinics for all the following reasons

  • The doctors are professional, friendly and informative
  • The therapists are kind, caring and extremely good
  • The sisters are highly trained
  • The clinics are spotless
  • The décor is welcoming and comfortable
  • The are one stop Salons for all our mind, and body needs

Article by Trish

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