Do You Love Your Age?

I Love my age!  Do you love your age?

To be honest, there are times that I do have to remind myself to love my age. As with every age, it comes with pros and cons.  But I am delighted to be able to look back on my life, and feel so much joy, and content.

Trish and Samantha put the New Lancôme Advanced Genifique serum to the test, You can read all about their Genifique Journey below:


First Impressions: 

If you saw my Youtube Video, you would have seen what my first impression of the product was. This beautifully packaged little black bottle lives up to Lancôme’s reputation: Classy, Elegant and absolutely Fabulous!

The Product:

The first time I applied the serum onto my skin, it was ever so smooth, and my skin absorbed it beautifully. The serum is a very light-weight liquid that spreads onto the facial area beautifully, you don’t even need a lot of it each time you apply it. This product may seem pricey, but once you get to experience the quality and how little you actually need to use, then the price worry falls away immediately.

The Outcome of week 1: 

I am so impressed with this product! My skin is feeling a lot more hydrated, and I have a beautiful radiance from using the product. Usually in winter my skin feels dull and dry, but this serum is so amazing, and even though it is light-weight, it is very moisturising at the same time. Of course, while doing product reviews I have to take into account the reactions it has to my skin. I do have very sensitive skin so often when I start using a new product I get little red pimples, but its safe to say that they disappeared within two days.


I am a Mom of 4 adult children, and let’s just say that I am “middle aged.”

I am going to be sharing daily, firstly, to remind myself, and secondly to share with others.  I would be delighted if you comment below, and share with all our readers, what it is that you love about your age, no matter how old you are.  Our motto is “Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish.”  When I was a teenager, I was given a book, called “Growing old gracefully”, and I live by this motto.

I love my age because:

  • I have always looked after my skin, and for my age it is fairly wrinkle free.
  • I have woken up today with a healthy body.  I had a good nights sleep, and I am in perfect health.
  • We have 4 children that have blossomed into the most awesome adults.  All of them beautiful on the inside, and the outside.
  • I am content to spend time at home, surrounded by friends, and family.
  • I am able to do a fun run for the sheer enjoyment of running, without aiming to win.
  • I have always exercised, and am fairly fit, so able to keep up with the family on hikes etc.
  • I have learnt to accept myself, with all my perceived imperfections.

After 2 weeks of using Lancome Genifique, I can see an amazing difference on my skin.  I am so looking forward to seeing the before, and after pics after a month.  I love this product, and am going to continue to use it long after the challenge.  I have used the Advanced Génifique Eye Serum Light-Pearl for a couple of months now, and honestly cannot live without it.

Week 3. My skin is looking better and better.  I am so looking forward to sharing photos next week.

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[Tweet “After 2 weeks of using Lancome Genifique, I can see an amazing difference on my skin #LoveYourAge #liferetreat”]





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