We Love People. We Love Food.


This could be our motto, “We love people.  We love food.”  But, it is PRIMI-World’s motto, and we love it.  Winter has arrived in full force, and we are on the lookout for warm, cosy restaurants with tasty fresh food.



We joined Pepe, our “food guru” on a visit to PRIMI at the V & A Waterfront, and what a treat it was.  He went to interview Francesco Zanasi, who is top Chef, and one of the founders of PRIMI. It was such a pleasure to meet him, as not only is he passionate about food, but he treats all his staff with such care.

Interview With Francesco

He has said, “when I die, I don’t want to be remembered for running a restaurant, I want to be remembered for having changed people’s lives, having made a difference. The PRIMI philosophy is “work is love made visible.”  We met a few of the staff members, and the are all so proud and dedicated.

PRIMI Restaurant

It was an overcast day, and we had the pleasure of sitting and looking over the view of the Ocean, and while it looked so cold outside, we were safely tucked into our warm environment.  Since it was lunch time, and we didn’t want to have a huge meal, the 3 of us decided to share some Tapas (or should I say Antipasti, since it is an Italian restaurant), which needless to say we polished off very quickly.  It was all absolutely delicious, and I would highly recommend going there and snacking on these.

Love Made Visible

Francesco explains the thinking behind the new menus, “When I cook for my family it is the best way I know of showing I love them. I do it in anticipation of gasps of delight; I do it in anticipation of them showering me with compliments about the taste while their mouths are full of food. Most importantly I want what I cook to be healthy for them.”


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