How To Love Valentine’s Day Being Single

valentine's day party

Just because you don’t have a special someone, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day like the rest! The best way to spend this day, is to host your very own Valentine’s Day party with the girls. Here are some great party tips and ideas that will change the once dreaded day for Singles, into the best day of the year!




How to have an amazing Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends

Tips & Ideas for hosting your own Valentine’s Day Party

No one should feel alone, depressed or left out on Valentine’s Day. We all have single or separated friends, or even friends in relationships who might not be able to be spend this day with their partner, everyone could do with a bit of love, support and a touch of sparkle.

Personalized Invitations

  • Get creative, make your invites with a personal touch. (When possible, always try to personally deliver invites rather than doing it by email or social media, your effort will be noticed).
  • Send out invites to all your girlfriends, no matter what their relationship status. Just because they have a partner, doesn’t mean they have any special plans for the day, who knows, your party might be just what they need…
heart cards
Pop heart cards
button heart cards
Cute button-heart flip open cards
heart invite
Print out cards, strung together








Creative Decorations

  • The theme is love, meaning you can go all out and have fun with hearts and sparkles everywhere…all in cheerful pink and red colours of love.
  • Who doesn’t love balloons? So have a lot of them floating around, it brings a sense of fun in the atmosphere.
  • If you have a large room, cut out hearts and let them hang from the ceiling. This works great when you have a lot of space to fill up in a big room, fills the empty spaces.
hanging hearts
Cut-out hanging hearts
valentines balloons
Valentines Day Balloons with sayings
hanging balloons
Hanging ceiling balloons








Fun Things To Do

  • Host a pamper party, this will give you some time off from being the hostess and enjoy being pampered a bit. Arrange for some some neck massages or have makeup artists demonstrate and glam up the party. (Like Bodyography Make-up Workshops: Contact Jemima-Faye on +27 82 416 0106 or email on for more information or bookings.)
  • Hang up a pinata filled with sweet and pretty little things.
  • Secret Valentine:
    • Ask everyone to bring a gift with to the party. To make it easier, try and set a price range they should stick to when buying the gift.
    • Allocate a number to each person on a piece of paper, starting from 1 upwards. Ask them to write that number on the bottom of their present and then place it on the table.(You can also give them their number before the party starts so that they can write it on their presents beforehand and have them place the gifts on the table when they arrive) Put all the numbers in a bowel and then let each person draw a number, which is the number on the gift they take. If they draw their own name, they can put it back and draw again.
Spa pamper party
Spa-Pamper Party
pamper party
Pamper Party or Make-up workshop
Pink heart shaped pinata








  • Secret Valentine’s gift decoration ideas (image below)
  • When you host a pamper party, the professional normally gives everyone a little gift. You, as the hostess however, should also try to give them just a small something as a memorabilia to take home.
party gifts
Party gift ideas
Valentines Day Gifts
Valentines Day Gift ideas
cute gift ideas
Cute guest gift ideas








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Indulgent Eats & Treats

  • Serve as many snacks and treats which you can make into heart shaped forms.
  • Decorate a table with all of these yummy goodies on it…make it stand out!
  • Glitter the glasses and champagne bottles for that extra bedazzle.
Dessert Table
Dessert Table
Healthy Snack Table
Healthy Snack Table








Valentine’s Day cupcakes
Marshmallows dipped
Marshmallows dipped in chocolate
glitter party
Glitter Champagne bottles








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  1. Gemma Avatar

    I hosted a valentines day party a few years ago with my single friends and it was truth be told the best valentines day spent in years. Go for it.

    1. Lynette Avatar

      That’s wonderful to hear Gemma! Are you hosting another one this year? If you have any tips or ideas to share, we would love to hear them!

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