The Magnesium Spray That Cures Injuries

Magnesium Spray

For just over a month now I have been using a transdermal Magnesium Spray after working out and to aid certain muscle pains and aches that occur in day to day life. In this article I’ll review its positives and negatives, and come to a full judgement.

Positives:Magnesium Spray

The most common problem that Magnesium spray has helped me with is neck and shoulder aches. When using the spray it tingles slightly and feels warm, and it begins to take effect just a few minutes after it has been rubbed in.

My neck ache (which was at its worst a few months ago) subsided and I instantly felt more of a release in the base of my neck. This continued to alleviate the pain for a few hours, and I didn’t feel the need to use the spray again for this problem until just recently. For neck and shoulder pain I give it 9/10.

Another issue that the Magnesium spray claims to address is migraines and headaches. The spray has an absorption rate that is ten times faster than taking magnesium orally, so the next time I felt a headache coming on, I reached for the bottle (which is handy enough to keep in a backpack or handbag).

This time the effects were less noticeable, but I did feel that it stopped enough of the pain for me to be able to concentrate at work more easily. It is also much more preferable to use a transdermal spray such as this one than to resort to the usual pills and tablets that so many of us turn to. For headaches I give it 7/10.


Magnesium spray claims to help with insomnia. Whilst I don’t often suffer from bouts of insomnia, on the rare occasions that I do I find it very irritating, as everyone does. The last time I couldn’t sleep at all was a few weeks ago, and at around 2am I decided I would use the spray on my forehead, neck and shoulders to try to induce sleep.

Unfortunately this was not quite as effective as it was for muscle pains and headaches. Whether it was because my mind was too switched on to notice the effects of the magnesium, or whether it was due to some other unknown reason, my insomnia remained that night. For insomnia I give it 2/10. However, this is just my own personal experience, and it may have different results for others.


I believe there is a lot to be said for this spray. It’s easy to use, with no side effects (unlike pills) and for me it has shown real results, especially with muscle pains and headaches. Overall I give Magnesium Transdermal Spray 8/10.

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  1. cleo Avatar

    I’ve used this before. pretty good for back pain. You may not know but it also soothe anxiety also.

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Great feedback Cleo. It’s good to hear that it helps for anxiety too. Thank you for sharing!

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