Meet Ryan G. Edmonds

During his studies in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Johannesburg, Ryan began to swim deeper into the seas of healing and client-centred therapies.  He now runs a full-time practice as a (Non-Medical) Hypnosis Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher.

A few words from Ryan

‘We’ve been trained to ask what someone does, not who they are.  I love watching the reactions I receive when I tell people I get paid to make others feel genuinely good about themselves, and about their lives,’ he mentions with a confident smile. ‘I think there is no greater gift than waking up in the morning and doing the thing that brings you the most joy… mine just happens to be my vocation.’

What makes Ryan happy

Ryan is active in the media, having appeared on over 16 global television and radio shows and written for several printed and online publications. His work has taken him all over South Africa, and he is happiest when he shares tools of lifestyle improvement and well-being.

As a certified ISHTA Yoga Teacher, Ryan teaches daily classes from his Somerset West studio, as well as hosting several “mass yoga and meditation” events every year, as a part of the growing Global Consciousness Movement.  Through his corporate retreats, he gets to explore some of the most beautiful locations in South Africa!

‘Too many people are living to just survive each and every day.  They get stuck in the rat race of life, forget their inherent magnificence, and lose sight of their Northern Star.  We are all given the tools needed to thrive in this life.  No teacher can tell you something you don’t already have access to within… my job is simply to remind someone of what s/he already knew, but may have forgotten.’

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  1. Eti Avatar

    So happy for you Ryan and cant wait for your amazing classes and meditation!!! All about you is representing life and light from all above!! Keep forfilling your dreams and destiny!!! Happy having you in my life- be your best and be blessed!!! Sat nam

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      We are so grateful to welcome Ryan on board as a Life Retreat blogger. Ryan has the most incredible knowledge and wisdom, on health, healing, yoga, meditation, and so much more. You are welcome to ask him questions here, or request any articles on subjects that you would like to learn more about. Ryan will be writing interesting articles for all of our male readers out there, so please watch this space.

  2. Trish Avatar

    Every week we will be introducing one of our Life Retreaters. To learn more about us, please watch this space!

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