Men: Do You Know What Other Balding Guys Are Doing?

Hair Balding Tips

When you’re going bald you want to look more like Bruce Willis or The Rock. You want to look tough and powerful. But, when the signs of ageing (balding) creep up on you much sooner than anticipated, you can start to panic.

The most important thing you need to know is that your value as a man is not based on the number of hairs on your head but the number of zeros in your bank account. So, if you’ve started seeing more of your scalp everyday, don’t fret. As much as it is easy to get anxious once you realize you’re losing your hair, you have to ensure the experience doesn’t affect your confidence.


How to look good bald

Men through the ages have come up with many creative ways to deal with the hair loss. Here are a few things other men are doing that you can try:

1. Hit the gym

Ever wondered how Vin Diesel pulls off being bald? Well, to pull off the power bald look, you have to be muscular. You want to have an imposing physique. So, hit the gym and put on some mass. It will take a lot of time but that shouldn’t stop you. Just a year in the gym and you’ll be able to pull off being bald.

2.  Try hair therapy

After coming to terms with the reality of hair loss, you could turn to the wonders of science and medicine. We all see TV ads about balding men who have turned things around. However, beware of the side effects which include swelling, dizziness, headaches and cold sweats. Also, after growing a full head to impress the ladies, you could lose interest in sex ad even worse suffer from impotence.


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3. Do it the Donald Trump way

Comb over it like Donald Trump. No one notices at all. You could have growth coming out the sides that you can use to over up the areas that are coming short. Just remember, if you’re covering it up, then you’re probably in denial about losing your hair.  

4. Compensate With an Epic Beard

Keeping facial hair is more a personal preference than a necessity.  Some men look better bald without facial. And, others can pull off the bald beard. This is just one of those things you have to experiment with on your own. However, don’t wait to be completely bald before growing a full beard. When you’ve got a huge beard the size of a beehive, no one will notice the top of your head is as bare as a baby’s bottom.

5. Embrace the Chrome Dome

Shave your head! It literally feels like taking off a band-aid. Why would you even bother trying to delay the inevitable? After a chiskop, you’ll just wake up in the morning and go. You won’t have to spend money on hair products anymore. And, no more waiting at the barber. It’s a far cleaner and manlier look than the receding hairline. In fact, it doesn’t get much manlier than the Fast and the Furious star, Vin Diesel!

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