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Over the past few years, beards have come back into fashion in a big way. On any given day in South Africa you can see all sorts of beards out on the streets, beaches and malls; from the short Idris Elba style to the full on Brian Blessed beard! This rise in popularity has given way to beard oil. Now, those with beards know fully well how much they can sometimes irritate and annoy the life out of you. That’s just one of the areas that beard oil can help you with.

Beard oil comes in different shapes, sizes and styles – much like beards themselves – but you can also split them up into price ranges. Personally I’ve found the ultra expensive beard oils to be not that different from the more moderately priced ones. Currently I am using The Gentleman’s Beard Oil. So let’s get down to what’s important…

Beard Oil

Firstly, this oil is an excellent moisturizer of the skin beneath my beard. A lot of people fail to realise that when you grow facial hair you need to wash and moisturize as much as possible. The Gentleman’s Beard Oil takes care of the moisturizing part, and then some. It contains pure jojoba and grape seed oil, as well as the most exclusive Moroccan Argan oil, so as you can imagine the scent is one of the big attractions. My beard feels soft after just one use, so my issue that the bottle is not big enough is countered by the fact that a small amount lasts an entire day. The price is extremely reasonable at just R129 for the 1oz mini flask.

There’s more that I have come to learn about the proper application of my beard oil, which I wanted to share. When I initially used the product I just put a bit on my beard, spread it around gently and continued with my day. This is the wrong way to do it, guys. I learned that your skin pores need to clear first, so wash your face with some warm or hot water before using the oil. When you’re ready, get some in your hands and literally massage it into the skin under your beard. This way the oil will hydrate your skin while also softening the beard.

Beard Oil 2

Do this daily, or if your beard problems are causing you big problems try it twice daily when you first start. Trust me, you’ll thank me for these tips when your beard stops itching and producing dry flakes for good!

So for all the guys out there who love their beards but hate their beard problems, look no further than The Gentleman’s Beard Oil.

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