FASHION ALERT: Merwe Mode Reborn

On Saturday, 9 July 2016, South African designer Merwe Mode launched their Inchoatte Etiquette collection during SA Menswear Fashion Week in Cape Town.

The Merwe Mode Inchoate Etiquette is a rebirth of Merwe Mode’s stance in fashion design appeal. It brought soft colours and flowy silhouettes to the SA Menswear Week ramp.

What the new collection symbolizes

Merwe Mode is known for mixing the clean lines of European street style with the essence of our quirky South African silhouettes.

However, with her new collection, Deeva from Merwe Mode chose to orient her new line around the working individual. She emphasized her garments’ versatility with a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. The idea is to be able to wear them to any occasion, both during the day and at night by adding or subtracting accessories. The new collection symbolizes the state of disarray which is the fundamental ingredient to a customary code of elegance.



Merwe Mode’s Inchoate Etiquette is a canvas created for all young professionals, a collection of confidence and refinement.

You can find Merwe Mode from their studios at 36 Bromwell Rd, Cape Town or at Convoy in Melville, Johannesburg. 


Deeva van der Merwe is a passionate and experienced young fashion designer who was born and bred in Cape Town. She graduated from FEDISA with a  BA in Fashion Design and Business Management, attaining awards for her technical ability and creativity. Following her graduation Deeva completed an internship at the Tom Ford studio in London where she discovered a love of great tailoring and the production of high quality garments.

M mode 1

On her return from her stint in London, Deeva opened a production and pattern making studio in Cape Town. The studio specialised in producing custom garments for private clients and fellow designers, producing quality products across a range of design fields and techniques.

As the business took off and employed several local seamstresses. Deeva saw the opportunity she had to share her skills and passion for her trade with her staff. Merwe Mode was born with a vision of becoming a local employer producing top quality tailoring for the South African market.

M mode 2Merwe Mode mixes the best of Europen street style with the creativity, independence and unique flair of South African design.

As with all new brands, the early months were tough and Deeva was glad to meet Sarah Wocknitz. A a designer, who was instrumental in shaping the brand identity of Merwe Mode and creating the fine tailored look that has become its signature.

Sarah is a graphic designer by trade who relocated from Hamburg in Germany to Cape Town. She has brought an authentic European eye for design to Merwe Mode.

Merwe Mode benefits from the creative expertise and eye for detail of two talented young women. They come from different fields coming together to create a powerhouse brand for South Africa that aims to be at the forefront of South African fashion trends.

Merwe Mode produces classic, clean cut androgynous looks with unique detailing from the use of original acid prints to quirky tailoring flair.

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