Minimalist Bathrooms Use Less To Give You More

There’s a lot more to a minimalist bathroom than boring, plain emptiness. Of course, your minimalist bathroom will look more clean-lined, but if that’s all you see, then someone isn’t executing the design correctly.

You see, your bathroom has to pare down on certain design elements, taking a space down to its essentials, as well as use elegant lighting to highlight and accentuate the space. A minimalist bathroom focuses on the lines and planes in the room creating a focus on the space in its entirety.

What you should aim for is to create space in which you are unable to remove anything to improve the design. The best way to do it is to focus on the details. Therefore, we’ve put together few ideas to make your bathroom look simple and classy.

Three Bathroom Design Details That Can Turn Your Plain Bathroom Into A Sanctuary Of Relaxation

Wall Mounted Toilets

Minimalism is the key word in wall hung toilet design. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms as well as ultra-modern, minimalist bathrooms. In bathrooms with screenless showers, wall mounted toilets are almost essential. Not only do they complement the uncluttered appearance of the room, but also make cleaning much easier.

The fact that the water tank of these toilets is concealed behind the wall further makes the bathroom look super sleek and nice. Geberit offers innovative solutions for bathrooms through an extensive range of products and systems. These include wall hung toilets with concealed cisterns, such as the AcquaClean Mera with chrome-plated cover. These toilets are full of superb tech but still look like very light, even as if flying in the room. 

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Wall hung wash basins

The wall-hung washbasin is a luxury item that is mounted on the wall for a clean, uncluttered look. The Geberit iCon bathroom series and Geberit Smyle bring harmony with their contemporary design and sophisticated lines, creating a relaxing and positive bathroom ambience.

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Furthermore, we all know how important storage is in a small space, but nowhere is it more needed than in the bathroom. Razors, makeup, toilet paper, hairbrushes… all need to be stored in an easily accessible place such as Geberits wall hung, moisture resistant cabinets.

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Mirror cabinets

Anything you bring into your minimalist bathroom should be both beautiful and functional. There’s no room for things that don’t serve a purpose. Creating a minimalist space doesn’t mean you can’t have any ornaments or accessories. You need to have one or two that have a strong impact. Pebbles, glass bottles or a vase of fresh flowers are all perfect ways to bring in some colour and interesting shapes.

Mirror cabinets are the best because they create brightness, making a minimalist bathroom look sophisticated. Geberit offers a comprehensive range of illuminated mirror elements as well as mirror cabinets that help a bathroom really stand out. The mirror lighting can be easily switched on and off. Geberit mirror cabinets also provide lots of visually appealing storage space and at the same time, reflect the light and the room, making the bathroom appear bigger.

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