How To Monitor Your Improving health – Skin And Hair

When you are in good health, you will lay your head on the pillow, have a few moments of pleasant thought, and the next thing you know it will be morning. You will awake refreshed and eager to get on with the tasks at hand. At times you will even find it difficult to believe that you have been asleep for all of seven to eight hours. This is nothing unusual for some people – it is only a dream for others.

1. Attitude Towards Life

When we exclude any immediate negative influences from our lives, and we still find that life is rather dull and empty – meaningless, if you like – with nothing to look forward to, it is time to clean out the closets of the body, mind and soul.

When you are healthy, life is usually well worth the living. You feed on the good and the clean and the pure, in both the temporal and the spiritual sense. When you eat  “junk foods”, however, and your spiritual food consists of television “junk,” you can be sure that life will seem somewhat bleak. It’s like trying to find happiness while filling your mind with violence, intrigue, filth, murder and bad news. How can you expect to find health while filling our bodies with adulterated “junk” foods?

Some people thrive on stimuli

These people usually cannot sit still for a moment. If we watch stimulating, emotional scenes on TV, and we indulge in stimulating foods and drinks such as meat, spices, tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, cola drinks and chocolate, our systems will adjust to the point that we will feel uncomfortable and even decidedly unhappy. This is one good reason why we should work at breaking away from all stimulating foods, drinks and influences. We are what we eat, and we must understand that we “eat” with our mouth, our nose, our eyes and our ears. Our thoughts and our feelings are always the product of that which we have been “eating” via these channels.

When we eat and live in harmony with nature, happiness is usually always the spontaneous result. If you eat and live right – don’t worry – you will be happy.

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2. Skin and Hair

When we follow a natural diet and lifestyle, even our hair becomes more manageable, and all greasiness should soon disappear. The skin will usually become soft, moist and supple. Pimples, blackheads and blemishes should also soon disappear. With a little time – sometimes after only a few days – our complexion, and the sparkle in our eyes, will advertise our new lifestyle.

Do remember, however, that after changing over to a more healthy way of life, we may have a few more pimples than usual – for a short time. This comes about as the body takes advantage of our improved lifestyle and diet to eliminate old toxic deposits.

When it comes to skin care, do not believe for one minute that all of the chemicals in cosmetics, shampoos and perfumes are bio-friendly. Also, do not believe for one minute that these chemicals are not absorbed into the skin and ultimately into the bloodstream where they can wreak havoc.

Try it just once and you’ll be hooked for lifeWholefood wonder. Try it just once and you’ll be hooked for life.

3. Headaches and Colds

When you give Nature a chance, she will cleanse your body wonderfully, and headaches and colds will soon be maladies of the past.

In the first few days or weeks after switching to a more natural lifestyle and diet, however, we might experience a few more headaches and a few more colds than usual. But, here again this is what we call as a healing crisis – it is the result of the bodies efforts to clean out long-present mucous and toxic deposits.

Yes, contrary to what so many believe, headaches and colds are not the cruel whips of fate, or the spiteful judgments of chance. They both are results of wrong living and eating habits. Furthermore, they both “lay low” when we clean out the closets of the body. Also, when we live in such a way that our immune systems are able to repel any germ and/or virus invasion.

4. Spiritual Awareness

Right living always reacts upon the body and the mind in a positive manner – and this benefit often extends into the spiritual dimension.

This spiritual awareness can be a great for right living. This is because the more we benefit by living right, the more we will want to live right. And the higher we rise in the spiritual dimension, the more we will grow to respect Nature and Nature’s foods as the handiwork of an all-wise Creator. Furthermore, the more we will come to realise that much of that which falls under the banner of “food-science” today is nothing other than the taking apart of that which an omniscient God saw fit to put together.

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5. Mental Capabilities

One of the most rewarding aspects of a natural lifestyle and diet is a substantial improvement in our thinking and reasoning processes. For as long as we continue to live and to eat right, we will usually enjoy remarkable clarity of thought. The minute we stray from Nature’s path, however, we will feel the sure result, not only in our bodies, but even in our minds.

Clarity of thought is a very positive motivation for right living. Students especially will derive great benefit from a natural diet and lifestyle.

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