How To Monitor Your Health – Regularity And Body Odour

Many of us don’t monitor our health. But, wonderful changes take place in our bodies when we begin to respect Nature and her laws. When we start to eat natural foods in natural combinations. And, when we start to prepare our foods in a more natural manner. Therefore, as you switch to using better alternatives, you may use the following wellness “milestones” to monitor your improving health. This week we’ll go through a few others, but today we’ll focus on two.

1. Body Odour

Let’s go back a few decades, to the era before the advent of underarm deodorants. At that time, did everybody walk around with body odour? No doubt some did. The truth is that underarm deodorants only became a dire necessity when people started relying heavily on processed foods. These include refined white flour, refined white rice, refined white sugar and hydrogenated fats and oils.

These foods burden the system and because they are seriously lacking in natural fiber and nutrition. Also, their use invariably leads to constipation and/or to delayed transit time. Therefore, this means that food remains in the colon for far longer than Nature intended. This delay inevitably results in the putrefaction of food residues in the colon.

Boost your energy with just 1 Tbsp added to a bowl of cereal
Boost your energy with just 1 Tbsp added to a bowl of cereal

How the body eliminates toxic waste and impurities

Now, when the body harbors fermenting and/or putrefying food residues, it will seek by every means possible to eliminate the resultant toxic waste and impurities.  That is either through the lungs (resulting in bad breath), and/or through the bowels (resulting in foul-smelling stools and/or diarrhoea). Also, through the kidneys (as evidenced in dark yellow and even smelly urine), and/or through the skin (resulting in boils, pimples, blackheads, skin blemishes, excessive sweating and body odour).

So, this is the root cause of underarm odour – and this is why deodorants are so much more in demand today than they were in days gone by.

Benefits of a natural, wholefood diet

One of the first benefits that you will enjoy when you switch to a natural, wholefood dietary, therefore, is that your need for modern-day “crutches” such as laxatives, high potency toilet sprays, and strong underarm deodorants will gradually diminish.

Once your system is relatively clean, and your bowels are functioning naturally, your armpit odour will actually serve as a never-failing junk-food barometer. If your body odour is strong today, ask yourself what you have eaten over the previous few days. Are your bowels flushing properly? Are food residues fermenting in your colon?

2. Regularity

Each meal should pass out of the body within 16 to 24 hours. You can time this by drinking a glass of water into which you have stirred two heaped teaspoons of activated granulated charcoal. Drink this at a time when your bowels normally move, then see if your stools are dark blackish in colour 24 hours later. If not, you need to increase your fiber intake and/or cleanse the bowels.

When we are eating the right foods, at the right times, and in the right combinations, our stools will usually be soft, airy and light brown in colour. They should also float on water, and should pass out of the body under very little pressure.

Dark, stiff, heavy stools that do not float on water are a sure sign that we need to substitute a few good things for the bad things in our diet. If the stools are very thin, this could be a sign that the colon  has post-putrefactive fecal material. So, we should give attention to flushing the colon by way of a series of enemas. Or even by way of a series of professionally administered colonic flushes.

An encrusted colon usually distends and puts pressure on the spine – causing a nagging, dull backache.

Try it just once and you’ll be hooked for life
Try it just once and you’ll be hooked for life

The only permanent cure for constipation however to become a slave to Nature

And by eating Nature’s foods, at Nature’s times, and in Nature’s combinations. And, all the while respecting those lifestyle principles that promote bowel motility.

Any refined food that is chemicalized or changed from the form in which Nature presents it, will promote constipation. Greasy foods, foods containing hydrogenated oils and excessive free fats, and refined foods such as white flour, commercial bread (white or brown), gluten, white rice and sugar (white and brown) are among the main causes of constipation, and can slow down the passage of food through the system literally by days.

Half a liter to a liter of warm, fresh water, taken at least half an hour before meals, should become a life-long practice for those who have a sluggish bowel. If this does not work, then you can try 2 teaspoons of Nature’s Choice Colon Cleanse one hour before every meal and you can continue this until such time as you have rectified your diet and your bowels are functioning normally.

It is my sincere prayer that you will find the motivation to start enjoying all of the benefits of right living. Never give up on your quest for health – for without health all else is pretty meaningless and pretty valueless.

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