Mr. Pink’s Secret


I watched Reservoir Dogs last night. Staggeringly brilliant film. Tarantino’s a master. The work is a legend.

The first time I saw the movie, everyone in my circle was speaking of the scene where “Mr. Pink” gets named “Mr. Pink.” He just didn’t feel the name fit him. And so he reacted hysterically. (see the scene).

 Here’s Mr. Pink’s Secret: he had a clear sense of who he was. And so he wasn’t willing to step into another’s life.

Here’s another secret (I almost never use that word but this is a secret because most people just don’t know this): what society sells us as success isn’t really real success. (I just saved you 25 years of pursuing the wrong things).


I’ve met billionaires who are some of the most insecure, unhappy and unfulfilled people I’ve known. They have “everything” yet feel nothing.

And I’ve encountered people in so-called “poverty” who display uncommon creativity, bravery and dignity.

Fortune doesn’t necessarily bring you freedom. And jets and power are not guarantees of joy, purpose and peace.

I get the Mr. Pink metaphor is imperfect. Yet, having SELF-respect, being connected with your TRUE power and being incredibly comfortable in your OWN skin is worth all the treasures of this world, where too many among us are living their lives like sheep—unconsciously following a trail that others have set for them. Leading them to a place that isn’t best for them.

Here’s my real point: I believe you can have BOTH. I viscerally believe the most natural birthright of every human life is to enjoy the shiny pleasures of the world and well-deserved proportions of ongoing prosperity while, at the same time, experiencing the wisdom, fearlessness, love and instinct to serve that rests at our very core.

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2 responses to “Mr. Pink’s Secret”

  1. Lisa M Avatar
    Lisa M

    Having our cake and eating it, as some would say. I am a firm believer in Robin’s principles and in this article I fully trust and believe. We actually can live in both realms, and I love that.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Lisa
      I agree with you. I love Robin’s articles as well, and his beliefs and principles always make so much sense

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