N°5 Dresses In Red – By CHANEL

N°5 dresses in red - By CHANEL

Chanel releases a limited edition of its famous N°5 scent with a red bottle. Marking the first redesign of the perfume’s classic bottle, the red edition is simply stunning, and a perfect addition to your collection.

Known for its clean rectangular clear glass bottle with a faceted stopper and minimalist branding, the look of Chanel N°5 is as distinctive as its scent. Furthermore, N°5 is the very essence of femininity. A floral bouquet showcased within an iconic bottle. What’s more, a legendary, timeless fragrance, now available in a limited edition, dressed in Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite colour: red.


Simply. Lavishly. Day. Night. N°5  is for you and others

According to Chanel, the color red is symbolic of femininity and seduction. Furthermore, it is a common theme within the fragrance’s iconic advertising campaigns, from the Little Red Riding Hood film Luc Besson shot to the red carpet dress Nicole Kidman wore.

This floral bouquet has its composition around may rose and jasmine. In addition, bright citrus top notes enliven it. Aldehydes create a unique presence, and the smooth touch of vanilla an incredibly sensual trail.


For the first time since 1921 CHANEL has released a limited edition of the iconic No.5. This time it is in a beautiful red bottle. This is a CHANEL collectors dream. Available online and in stores. 

Along with this release, keep an eye out for the Christmas makeup collection!


The Paradoxes

Timeless and ephemeral

Water and fire

You know me and you don’t


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