No Summer Wrinkles With These Three Tips…

We all know that our dietary choices can make us look and feel better. But while feeling energised is somewhat more important than looking good, if you drink and eat the right things, you can have all three!

Keep reading find out the which three foods and drinks you should include in your diet this summer to not only fight off wrinkles, but get your complexion glowing and help you build lean muscles.

Three dietary tips for toned muscles and beautiful skin

These great habits will also help give your brain and heart health a boost and reduce inflammation in your body.

1. Drink lots of water

Your skin cells like the other cells in your body are mostly made up of water. Therefore, if you don’t drink enough water, you’ll have dull, dry skin with dark spots, wrinkles or fine lines. But then if you stay hydrated, you’ll have a radiant complexion. My rule of thumb is to drink at least six to eight glasses of water everyday.

2. Reduce on your sugar intake

Sugar can trigger inflammation in your body, which can lead to breakouts and weight gain. As much as you know that you should avoid soft drinks, baked goods, soft drinks and chocolate bars, you also need to be aware of sugars found in some “healthy” foods, too! Try to stay away from sweeteners like honey and agave nectar. These still break down into fructose and glucose in your body. Also,  fruit juice contains almost as much sugar as cola.

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3. Get a protein fix

You need clean, lean protein for healthy bones, strong muscles and youthful skin. Great sources of protein include grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish. Concentrated bone broth is also a good option that has collagen and amino acids. These keep your body looking trim and toned and also stave off common signs of ageing such as sagging skin.

So, how do you get your protein? This is a common question vegetarians are asked. And from experience, they don’t like it. So don’t ask, read this article instead. Also, if you’re looking to change to a meat-free diet, then here are vegetarian foods that are great sources of protein!

In addition to the above tips, you should also eat healthy fats and also consider adding a multivitamin to your daily routine to keep your muscles, teeth, bones and skin in great condition.

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