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Let me ask you what may at first seem like a somewhat impertinent question:

“To what extent have you allowed your mind and your general thinking to be programmed?”

It’s a question I ask because, if you can find it within you to respond with curiosity, rather than take offence, it may just unlock a bright and fascinating new future for you.

Before we continue, allow me to momentarily lift you out of your day-to-day environment, transport you high above the comfort zone that is the world we live in and propel you out into the great empty reaches of space beyond our planet.

“With an open mind, you are the imagination of universal consciousness and the creation of the subconscious mind that wanders throughout the universe.”
― Debasish Mridha

An Intergalactic Tour

An Intergalactic Tour

Imagine for a moment that we have the technology that will allow us to go on a whistle stop tour of the Milky Way and our neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, covering unthinkably vast distances and yet still exploring no more than what would be a tiny dot on a ‘map’ of our Universe.

We hurtle out past the fascinating volcanic, gaseous and icy planets of our solar system, all in their own unique orbits around our very own local star, the Sun. That great ball of hot plasma is known as a yellow dwarf – signifying that it is relatively small in star terms, and about mid way through its life.

In interstellar space we get a glimpse of the magnitude of our entire galaxy and the 100 billion or so other stars that comprise it, most with planetary systems of their own. Any idea that intelligent life is confined to Earth suddenly seems quite unimaginable, even laughable.

At speeds far in excess of the speed of light we begin to escape the swirling spiral arms of the Milky Way. Before long we find ourselves in intergalactic space looking back at the wondrous sight of our galaxy.

We are captivated by the awe inspiring intensity of the core of the galaxy where a so-called quasar – or quasi stellar radio source – radiates light and energy equivalent to many billions of times that radiated by our own Sun. At the centre of that incredible energy source lurks a supermassive rotating black hole, a cosmic body of immense gravity from which nothing, not even light can escape.

As we gawk in wonder at the retreating galaxy we become aware of something even more jaw dropping – the sight of our fast approaching neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, a truly spectacular collection of some one trillion stars, dwarfing even our own Milky Way.

The sheer scale, complexity and intensity of what we are witnessing is literally mind blowing. As we arrive at the outer reaches of Andromeda, we can barely make out our own galaxy which now appears as a small spiral of dust and light in one corner of space.

What we are witnessing and have witnessed leaves us forever changed, our minds open to the fact that anything in this mysterious yet spectacular and wondrous universe is surely possible.

With that awakening we turn back, setting course for the outer fringes of the Milky Way and that as yet invisible tiny speck – the blue planet we call home.

Paradigm Shift

Back To Earth After A Paradigm Shift

Why the imaginary trip and what does this have to do with life coaching, you may well be asking (perhaps a tad deflated that the journey had to end)?

The answer is simple.

Most of us are in dire need of a paradigm shift to awaken us to the magic of life and the amazing experience that we are here to enjoy. We simply need to lift ourselves out of – and look beyond – the trappings of our day to day life (that can seem like such a struggle) and open our eyes to what really is possible.

Yes, intergalactic travel may be well beyond our reach … for now. But it doesn’t take a lot to bring about a shift in your thinking and assumptions. Take a look up at the sky on a clear night and let your imagination do the rest!

Blind Acceptance, Or Questioning And Assigning Truth?

The disillusionment that so many people feel with life has, at its source, an inability to open the mind.

Feelings of insignificance, powerless and lack of self belief come from a blind acceptance of the reality of life that others, and our external world, seem to impose on us. Out of these feelings come self-limiting beliefs that act to perpetuate our feelings – and we become gripped in the clutches of a vicious cycle.

A shift in thinking is required to remind us that we have each been gifted time on a planet of exquisite beauty within a spectacular universe.

In addition we have each been gifted a natural, youthful, curiousness and zest for life, a mind that has the capacity to question everything around us and the free will to assign our own truth and meaning to events, such that we may create the reality we genuinely desire.

Everything Is Possible

Open your mind. Life is not what it is. Life is very much what we make of it.
Anything and everything is possible!

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