Organic Chocolate Scrub, For Your Body Not Your Mouth

Being a Chocoholic, you can imagine my delight, when I came across a chocolate body scrub. I had heard of coffee scrubs before, but never “chocolate” scrubs. I have to say that, holding this jar choca block full of chocolate, looks extremely enticing. On opening it, I am overwhelmed by the amazing chocolate aroma, which reminds me of a rich home backed chocolate cake. To top it off, it is organic, eco friendly, and has zero calories (that is if you can stop yourself from tasting it).

The actual scrub is made with Cacao Bean Chaff, which is mixed with Epsom salts, and Rice Bran Oil. All in all, a feast for the body and senses. The most amazing thing is that this product really is the answer to our skin solutions. The chocolate scrub, exfoliates our skin, while the Epsom salts detoxes us, and finally the oil mosturises us, all in one go. This is a great product to travel with, as it is an all in one cleanser and moisturizer.

Organic Chocolate Body Scrub for Your Body, Not Your Mouth 2

Believe it or not, chocolate is good for cellulite. Not if you eat it of course, but if you use it externally on your problem areas. As, chocolate contains caffeine, which increases our circulation, lymphatic system and blood flow. I have found since using it a couple of times a week for the past month, that my skin is looking firmer, more moisturized, and younger. Another treatment that this can be used successfully for is varicose veins. With the combination of all of the above, and the massage, it provides huge relief.

Organic Chocolate Body Scrub for Your Body, Not Your Mouth 6

Interesting enough chocolate has been used in beauty and body products since the early 1800s. This was when they discovered how healing cocoa as a treatment is. There is always some value in these old wives tales, that have been around for 100s of years, and I am sure this one can’t be wrong. The aroma of chocolate has always been known to be calming, which is why many of us become chocoholics, as it calms our nerves.

Organic Chocolate Body Scrub for Your Body, Not Your Mouth 4

There is one big problem with the chocolate body scrub, and that is that every time I smell it, I start craving chocolate. So I have to be very firm with myself, and ensure that I don’t give in, otherwise there will be a lot more cellulite to get rid of in the long run. Fortunately the aroma stimulates my endorphins, and gives me a happy feeling. I am hoping soon to be able to find a chocolate face scrub in the near future.

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3 responses to “Organic Chocolate Scrub, For Your Body Not Your Mouth”

  1. Trish Avatar

    I have to say this is the healthiest way, that a chocoholic can get their chocolate fix #chocolate #organic #bodyscrub

  2. Ellen Avatar

    I have this product and a couple more from the same make and it does work really well. great for firming

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Ellen,
      It is amazing. I can feel the benefits on my skin fro regular use, and the biggest bonus is that it costs less than R100, which is rare these days, for any product.

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