Organic Energy! – With Scheckter’s

“We wanted to create a 100% natural, organic energy drink that tastes great and gives you a sustained mental and physical energy boost.”
To do this they sourced the highest quality organic ingredients and never use any artificial colours, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives.




I have been enjoying this refreshing, energetic, organic drink so much! They all taste absolutely amazing! Often in the late afternoon around 3 / 4pm i find i get so exhausted, my work quality is not 100% and i know there is no time for a nap, so these energy drinks have really given me life during that time of the day!

As for the men in my life, i saw a few sneaky cans had disappeared out of my fridge over the weekend, my brothers decided they would like to have one before they went to workout. My older brother Tyron is very into his gym and doesn’t believe in putting all that dangerous stuff into his body, so he really enjoyed the Scheckter’s Organic, he felt great at the gym and because it was a weekend he needed a little bit of a kick to get through his workout.

Some More Info On Scheckter’s:

The flavour of Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy comes from a mix of organic Sicilian lemon juice, Eastern Mediterranean organic pomegranate juice and organic elderberry juice from Central Europe.

The organic lemon juice also acts as a natural preservative but because this makes the drink a bit tart, we add a little raw cane sugar (in Scheckter’s Original) or agave nectar (in Scheckter’s LITE) to create a pleasant taste.

To provide you a sustained energy boost without the crash we use our OrganicEnergy blend of raw green coffee beans,
Brazilian guarana, green tea and ginseng.

Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy (both the Original and LITE variants) contains 80mg of caffeine.

Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy Original contains raw cane sugar and green tea traded to Fairtrade Standards.

Scheckter’s LITE offers the same benefits of Scheckter’s Original but contains Agave nectar which has a lower GI than raw cane sugar which also means 30% less calories than Scheckter’s Original.

Scheckter’s Latest Flavours:

Ginger Green Tea & Mint Green Tea

I highly recommend this awsome range of Organic Energy! It is delicious and fresh!






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