Ozone, The Healthy Way To Sanitise & Preserve Food

I have heard, from Primi, that Ozone is the latest, healthy way to sanitise, and preserve our food.  Now that I know more about it, it makes perfect sense to use Ozone, rather than harmful chemicals.

This method is in fact, not new, but has recently re-emerged.  Ozone, is a gas that is a triatomic form of oxygen.  It has been used all over the world for years to treat municipal, and bottled water (since 1893 to be exact).  It has been used as a food preservative for cold meats since, 1909.  Since 1939, it has been used to prevent the growth of mould, and yeast when storing fruit.

I, personally would far rather eat food that has been cleaned,  or preserved in this manner, as it is so much healthier.  I wonder whether home Ozone sanitisers are available yet?  And if not, I am sure they will be soon.

Ozone, our earth’s most natural sanitiser that comes about with sunlight, and a flash of lightening.  Luckily, friction does the job as well , to add an additional oxygen atom to the oxygen molecule (O2) making it Ozone (O3).  #PRIMIworld

list of the benefits of  using Ozone:

  • Naturally sanitisers herbs, vegetables, salads and meats without compromising taste.
  • Destroys pathogens, and eliminates any virus.
  • Leaves no harmful chemical residual.
  • Eliminates mould growth from storage areas.
  • Eliminates odour-causing compounds.
  • Keeps fresh produce fresh for longer.
  • Helps maintain foods’ nutrition and vibrant colour.
  • Prevents odours from cross contaminating between products.
  • Reduces the need for hot water (energy saving).
  • Has no harmful side effects.

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