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Recent events, highlighted by – but certainly not limited to – the despicable terrorist attacks in Paris, may easily cause even the most ardent lover of life to reflect on civilisation and whether we really are evolving away from control, hatred, intolerance and brute force, towards living together in peace and harmony with kindness, gentleness and respect.

On the 13th November, the day of the deadly attacks in Paris and Baghdad and a day after the dreadful suicide bombings in Beirut, Wikipedia noted that 289 terrorist attacks had already been recorded in 2015.

That’s not far off an average of one murderous incident every single day.

Tune into the news media regularly and you could be forgiven for sinking into a state of complete despair about the state of our world.

Wings Of Hope

Yet, ironically, for those who can see through the desperation of those who would drag us back into the dark ages and see past the manipulation of the all pervasive media, this is a time of tumultuous change, positive transformation, rising consciousness and real hope for a far better future.

“The wings of hope carry us, soaring high above the driving winds of life.”
– Ana Jacob

Resignation, acceptance and fear

Despair is an emotion that arises from a belief that you have no power to influence the situation that you find yourself in.

It involves resignation and acceptance that you exist at the mercy of your external world.
This is a state in which fear prevails.

When you feel powerless to dictate your own future, fear can strike at your heart easily and without warning. People whose thoughts are dominated by fear and worry will tend to seek out evidence in the outside world to validate their feelings.

Something for everyone to worry about

They need not look far. Our media, with the global reach and real time communications technology available to them will find and broadcast something for everyone to worry about every hour of every day.

A self-fulfilling prophecy

And, as we know, we attract what we consistently focus on, good or bad. So not only does living in fear become a self fulfilling prophecy, it also descends into a vicious cycle.

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