Perfect Cocktail Mixers For The Season!

Cocktail Crate is not just another cocktail mix put together. There was a lot of thought, traveling, studying and passion put into this process. This is  about the journey of a young beverage consultant, following his dream and his passion to create the Cocktail Crate range of mixers and what makes it so different from the rest. Perfect Cocktail Mixers For The Season!



The Journey

Cocktail Crate founder Alex Abbott, is truly passionate about uniquely delicious craft cocktail mixers and set out on a long and fascinating journey in order to perfect the art of making his own craft cocktail mixers.

Abbott’s journey started with a 150 mile bicycling trip from Chicago to Kalamazoo to get a pint of his favorite beer, Expedition Stout, straight from the source at the famed Bell’s Brewery. Next, he wanted to learn more about another one of his favourite beverages, so he head off to the Darjeeling Tea Estate Makaibari. While in the Himalayan foothills at Darjeeling, Abbott was able to study the history and production of tea in more detail.

From his work experience as a beverage consultant, he has developed strong relationships with people and companies from around the world, among them are the The Ginger People and Greenpoint Trading Company, who plays key roles in the unique taste of the Cocktail Crate, especially in:

ginger bee cocktail mixGinger Bee

The fresh ginger zing in this mixer, comes from fresh pressed ginger he sources from the Ginger People who’s crops comes from the mountains of China situated 800m high, away from any factories or pollution, where the air is crisp and clear and no chemical fertilizer or pesticides are used while planting.

These plants are irrigated with spring water from the mountain.



spicerSpiced Old Fashioned

The true delicious and authentic flavors of this mixer, comes from a slow steeping of whole spices and teas made by Greenpoint Trading Company, known for their deep affection for spices and unique recipes.

Over the last four years, Abbott’s passion for the craft of a truly great cocktail has developed. He was not only drawn in by the fascinating and colorful histories but also the innovative ingredients and unique atmosphere of many cocktail bars. This passion finally led him to start experimenting by making cocktails at home, to study different flavor combinations, and to ultimately create Cocktail Crate.

Popular Cocktail Recipe:

cocktail recipe

For more recipes, visit

Both the Ginger Bee and Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Crate Mixers are now available at selected Woolworths stores.





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  1. Jayne Avatar

    where can I buy these on your site please

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Hi Jayne. Thank you for your interest. We will look into maybe stocking it in future. At the moment, it’s available at selected Woolworths stores and their online store.

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