Dealing With Skin Concerns: Perioral Dermatitis

You might not know what that rash around your mouth or nose is? Or why so many women around you have it too.. Perioral Dermatitis

Well, Perioral dermatitis is a common skin rash that mainly affects young women. The rash affects the skin around the mouth and nose. It is definitely nothing to worry about, however it can be quite unsightly, which is why we have come up with ways to combat it! 



How To Determine Perioral Dermatitis:

First of all, Perioral dermatitis is a skin disorder in which tiny red bumps form around the mouth. Much like a rash that seems to get worse by the day! It might have been there for a few weeks already and doesn’t seem to be disappearing…

Is it itchy or burning?

Does it look like little pimples?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then you could possibly have Perioral Dermatitis

What Caused it?

It is unknown what causes this type of rash, but it is very common in young ladies.

There are many thought of causes such as: The effects of stress on the body as well as the skin. Over use of facial creams and makeup, which causes irritation to the skin and confusing it with which are good oils and which are bad. Not washing your face properly or forgetting to clean your makeup brushes promotes bacteria growth around the nasal and mouth areas.

What Not To Do:

Do Not use any type of steroid cream

Don’t try cover it with makeup

If you try and dry it out, or over-moisturise it, it will most likely get worse

Try not to put any sort of acne creams to get a ‘quick fix’

Don’t irritate the skin or scratch it, It may not seem too sensitive but it is in fact agitated skin

What To Do:

Remove all types of SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) from your life

Stop with the fluoride. This is found in things such as toothpaste as well as mouthwash. Try go for a natural or eco-friendly toothpaste.

Put a little bit of evening of primrose oil on the affected area. Evening of primrose oil balances out the good and bad oil, and doesn’t leave the skin feel dry or too oily.

Wash your face properly twice a day. Try use a facewash with zinc, because it has been found to be a great cure for perioral dermatitis, externally as well as internally.

Be gentle with yourself! Don’t stress yourself over this. We know it may look horrible, or may make you feel horrible, but it won’t last forever and stressing can make it worse.

Try not use too many creams, use something light and good for sensitive skin

Regen Ceutic : Perioral Dermatitis

Take your probiotics on a daily basis. They are very good for fungal and bacterial infections and may improve the appearance of the rash.

The Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser:

Expert Cleansing Foam

Daily cleanser, effectively removes make-up and excess sebum to give skin a clean, fresh, hydrated feel.

Advanced Cleanser is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Active Ingredients

An exclusive combination of high performance cleansing agents, fused with a powerful purifying active, removes excess sebum and skin impurities.

A unique hydrating complex helps keep skin soft and supple, for superior comfort.

Xylitol: Anti-dehydration agent which promotes and controls water flow, and improves the appearance of skin micro relief for perfectly hydrated andsmoothed skin.

Zinc: This anti-seborrheic active (associated with the penetration vector L-PCA) improves the appearance of oily skin and also has an anti-microbial action, helping skin to regain clarity.

Urea: Optimal moisturizing agent for the epidermis which removes scales from the skin’s surface and restores suppleness.

Glycerin: Hygroscopic substance of vegetable origin which provides a hydrating and protective film and also removes scales from the skin’s surface.

The Dermaceutic Regen Ceutic:

Skin Recovery Cream

Accelerates epidermal restoration post aesthetic treatments while nourishes and firms the skin.

Regen Ceutic is recommended for sensitive, dehydrated and aging skin.


The highly active formula boosts the skin’s recovery and provides optimal moisturizing, soothing, firming and superior skin comfort.

Active Ingredients

The synergy of 2 high-performance repairing peptides stimulates dermal synthesis.

Hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants hydrate and help the skin to protect andrestore itself.

3% Peptides Complex: A synergy of 2 of the most efficient peptides, which promotes and stimulates collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin production to induce an anti-wrinkle effect from within.

3% Hyaluronic acid : Moisturizes skin whilst improves firmness.

Stabilized vitamin C & E: Combination of vitamins which combats and limits the signs of photo-aging, and also includes an anti-inflammatory action.

Shea butter.

Hydrates as well as nourishes the skin.


Vitamin c

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