Priceless Lessons That 2015 Taught Me


The following article was written by the thought leader, life coach and public speaker Robin Sharma. Please let us know your thoughts at the end!

.I wanted to offer up the lessons that were of the greatest value to me over 2015.

I, with a humble and wide open heart thank you for following and sharing and living and modelling my work over these past 12 months.

 There’s zero doubt we’re growing a global movement. And I’m counting on you to keep building it with me, so we inspire all who walk on our path.

Together, we are doing our part of growing positivity, inspire productivity, push audacity and radiate humanity on a planet that needs these more than ever before.  Trust me; I love you for it!

Insights That Served Me:

#1. Ambition is only a dirty word if it’s an unclean dream. Human beings are built to grow and progress. You are meant to shine.

#2. As you rise in authentic power, craft and impact, some will throw rocks at you. Take the High Road. And trust that the truth always wins.

#3. You can pursue shiny distractions. Or you can do epic work. You just don’t get to do both.

#4. A rare-air dream requires an explosively great team. The smartest way to grow a company is to develop your people.

Pursue Mastery

#5. Generosity is the cure for scarcity. Be the most giving person in every room you’re in and life will reward you with wonderful blessings. Remember: doing good in expectation of some return is no gift–it’s exchange.

#6. Why worry about a disrupted economy when you can build your economy via the pursuit of mastery.

#7. Happy people make happy leaders–which create happy teams. So work on your happiness.

#8. A smile to a stranger is a gift of vast proportions.

#9. Creativity breeds amid solitude versus noise.

#10. If world-class were easy, everyone would be doing it.

#11. A grand vision means, en route to the summit, you’re certain to experience monumental hurts. That’s just the price of bravery. Stay in the game. Longer than any naysayers suggest you should.

#12. Being on time is hip. Keeping your promises is cool. Having good manners is in.

#13. Optimism is a gorgeous contagion.

#14. Busy isn’t productivity. Fake work isn’t real work. Fight for focus. And execute on what counts.

#15. Love is the antidote to fear.

Article was written by Robin Sharma

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  1. Patricia Taylor Avatar

    I love this article. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I would like to add let’s all Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish. #LELC

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