What Are Your Private Rocket Fuels?

Rocket Fuels

Inspiration, elite energy and otherworldly production are not merely for the chosen few. You know that now. These elements of a life lived at legendary come to anyone with the inclination–and dedication to setting up the right conditions, and taking the best actions. So here, in the spirit of helping you make 2016 the year you shatter past limits and make exponential progress toward your greatest dreams, I share 5 of the fuels that work best for me.

Performance Fuel #1: Art

I remained energized off the fumes of being in the Sistine Chapel with my coaching group for months after we were together there this past October.

Michelangelo’s masterpiece reminded me what human beings are capable of. And pushed me to raise my own standards while crushing my past interior barriers.

Eating at Kronenhalle in Zurich among the Picassos or spending a perfect afternoon at The Tate Modern in London awakens giant creativity, breeds uncommon ideas and keeps me in the pocket so I lift my craft. Art is like that. Allows you to spend time with heroic visionaries. And feed off their genius.

Performance Fuel #2: Nature

Rocket Fuels
Beauty In Nature

Sure you get the dopamine release pulsing through your brain. That’s cool and good.

Great you get the metabolic rush, the wonderful oxygenation and the removal of toxins from your system. But communing with nature goes deeper than that.

For many years, I end my work day walking solo in the forest. This past year I’d race through the woods before sunset on my mountain bike like a kid on his first day of summer vacation (and I have the torn rotator cuff to prove it).

This practice regenerates my mind, replenishes my energy, forces higher perspective and maintains beautiful inspiration. And if you’re going through a painful season of your life, few things heal suffering as excellently as a long walk in nature. So please give this gift to yourself as you move through this year.

Performance Fuel #3: Conversation

Read Connected. Brilliant book. Key takeaway is this: one of the primary ways to sustain transformation is to associate with others making the same changes. We become like the people we spend most of our time with.

And as you become more positive, courageous, masterful and kind, you lift not only your friends but the friends of your friends–and THEIR friends–simply by your own elevation. Amazing science-based information, yes?

This means that if you hang with energy vampires you’ll behave like a victim. Chill with game-changers and world-builders and their peer influence will cause new possibilities to open up in your thinking, feeling, crafting and producing.

I go to a learning conference every 3 months. I take pages of notes. I sit with the 21 year olds, those with fire in their bellies and vast ambitions to prove [Be a disrupter in your field or be disrupted, I say].

Or I go have dinner with the billionaires and icons in the room. Either way, the conversations I have lead me to learn moves I’ve never made, think thoughts I’ve never dared and step into the ways of being I’ve never been.

Priceless. Ultra-galvanizing.

Performance Fuel #4: Music

Rocket Fuels
Does It Inspire You?

As I write this piece, Sia’s “Breathe Me” plays on my phone. Her voice enters my soul. Quivers rise up my spine.

Music does that. It has saved my life. Great music provokes, inspires, uplifts, energizes and makes an ordinary day uncommonly special.

Your life is a movie.

You get to write the script (with some past karma thrown in). Now compose the soundtrack.

Create performance playlists to get you into the groove for the creation of the results that will make you the undisputed heavyweight champion of your field.

Performance Fuel #5: Environment

I’m all about the construction of “Tight-Bubbles of Total Focus” on certain days of the week. On these days, I get lost from the world, go dark and focus monomaniacally on the few projects that will count the most.

When I work, devices are off, no one can reach me and I vanish completely.

I retreat to a series of beautiful, light-filled, mess-free sanctuaries where my brain can then drop into “transient hypofrontality”.

That’s the scientific term brain researchers use for when your mind waves slow down, a pharmacy of mastery is created within you and the pre-frontal cortex–the brain area where your noisy self-critic lives–becomes silent.

Rocket Fuels

Also priceless.

This condition–which you have the power to create under the right environment–is often called “Flow”. It’s the state where your natural genius shows up.

Time slows down.

You see solutions that were un-evident before. We all have this ability. But with the tv on, the notifications sounding and the distractions happening, only those with an acute understanding of the importance of installing world-class conditions get to capture this state where the creative giants play.

So……like what you’ve learned and want to go 100x deeper so 2016 is the year you achieve the results you’ve always wanted to experience?…ready to make this new year the single greatest year of your life yet?…want my sincere help in making sure you use the beginning of this fresh year to truly make some beautiful transformations in the way you think, feel, perform and live?


The most successful people in the world invest in their personal development.

Why? Because they understand that outer always follows inner…and you’ll never rise higher than your thinking, feeling and internal self-perception. I’d like to share a beautiful and very real opportunity for you to use the gift of this fresh year to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make.

There will NEVER be a better time to start than today. And I really don’t want you to get to the end of your life and feel heartbroken that you played small and missed your greatness…

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