Protect Your Skin This Summer!

The most important thing you need to remember during the sweltering hot summer is to protect your skin against those harmful rays that cause premature aging, wrinkles, marks, dry skin, and even skin Cancer.

Why is the sun so harmful to your skin?

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It’s important to know how the sun’s rays impact your skin. The following basics should assist your understanding:

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA): The longest wavelength of the sun, this one penetrates the dermis, your skin’s deepest layer. Sun damage can activate free radicals and promote skin aging.
  • Ultraviolet B (UVB): This wavelength penetrates the skin’s upper layer, the epidermis. These rays cause sunburn, allergic reactions and skin cancers. After six times of being burned, the skin has double the risk of developing a fatal melanoma.
  • Ultraviolet C (UVC): Generally these rays are filtered by the ozone layer and they’re the most damaging rays.
  • Scratch Test (ST): Sometimes if you scratch your skin with a back of your heel, the test will reveal your sensitivity.
  • Infra-red (IR): This is the “heat” from the sun and too much can negatively impact collagen, elastic and your immune system.

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How to prevent sun damage:

Wear sunscreen at all times! It’s so important to layer it on first thing in the morning, especially your face. We don’t realise how much sun reaches our skin without directly standing in the light.

Demelan-S SPF 50

Pigmentation treatment brand Demelan launches SPF 50 facial sunscreen

Hyperpigmentation or dark blemishes on the face are a common problem faced by thousands of South African women. All skin types are affected by hyperpigmentation, with the most common cause being UV damage from the sun.

With consumers continuously seeking new ways of treating pigmentation and caring for their skin, Demelan has harnessed its expertise garnered from experience in the pigmentation treatment industry for the last decade, working closely with leading dermatologists to formulate the new Demelan-S SPF 50 Sunscreen. The new product can be used in conjunction with Demelan Cream for additional defense against the sun and hyperpigmentation.

Wearing a high SPF sunscreen protects your skin by absorbing or reflecting UV rays. Suitable for all skin types, Demelan-S Sunscreen SPF 50 is specifically designed combat the harmful UVA and UVB sunrays. Since both UVA and UVB rays are considered harmful, you need protection from both.

Demelan-S is water based, non-greasy and water resistant. The product is available at pharmacies nationwide from September, retailing between R90 – R100 including VAT.

Juliette Armand SPF 30 

This lovely Juliette Armand sun film soothing sun gel in the colour of the skin with a delicate non-oily feel and antioxidant action to prevent cell damage and strengthen the skin’s natural regeneration. Ideal for sensitive and oily skins and for children. Essential protection after exfoliating.

Formulated in accordance with strict American and Australian standards for Sun protection, the Sunfilm range by Juliette Armand is ideal for children, high levels of radiation, sports and for use after chemical peeling.

Six highly effective broad spectrum Sunscreen filters help protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. While EUK-132, a powerful new generation self-renewing antioxidant with a DNA repair enzyme, ensures a beautiful tan. It is also free from: Parabeen, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol and allergens.

Choose a proven Sun protection system so that you can enjoy the Sun these Summer holidays without damaging your skin. Sunfilm by Juliette Armand consists of a comprehensive range of Sun protection products to suit your skin type. For more product information or to find your nearest stockist visit the Poise Brands website.

Becca Cosmetics Mineral Tint SPF 30+ Sunscreen

Becca Mineral Tint is an ultra lightweight broad spectrum sunscreen that feels as if you are wearing nothing at all!

Available in 3 beautifully tinted shades, Light, Medium and Tan, the BECCA Mineral Tint SPF30+ Sunscreen offers high level protection against UVA and UVB rays thanks to Micronised Zinc Oxide a highly effective mineral SPF ingredient. Forget about sunscreens being thick, white and greasy, BECCA’s own zinc oxide-based formulation is extremely lightweight and almost dry-touch in texture so it’s suitable for all skin types including the extremely oily.

•SPF 30+ UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection
•Contains Micronised Zinc Oxide as active sunscreen ingredient.
•Lightweight, non-whitening and fast absorbing formula is tinted for effortless daily wear, alone or with make-up.
•Contains Vitamin E to nourish skin.
•Free from chemical absorbers and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.
•Available in 3 shades for light, medium and tan skins.

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This oil-free, non- greasy sunscreen is light, quick drying and easily absorbed, leaving no residue on your skin. It offers protection from both UVB and UVA harmful rays. Apply a thick, generous layer of sunscreen half an hour before entering the sun. More frequent applications offer better sun protection. A minimum re application of 2 hours is necessary to maintain adequate protection.

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