Reach For Your Slippers for Reach For A Dream

Remember when you believed in fairytales and magic? Last week I attended the Media Launch for Slipper Day which takes place on 5th August 2016.

Nothing can be more heart-wrenching than knowing a child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  Reach For A Dream knows it cannot make children better, but it can provide some hope, inspiration and joy by fulfilling a dream and making delightful memories for ill children.

About Reach For A Dream:

For 28 years, Reach For A Dream has been granting wishes, big and small, to South African children fighting life-threatening diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and heart conditions.

It is committed to making dreams come true by creating magical and memorable experiences for children and their families. It hopes to never turn down a dream, but in order for this ambitious goal to continue to be a reality, it needs the help of as many South Africans as possible.


On Friday 5th August, Reach For A Dream is inviting people across the country to join in and show their support by donning a pair of slippers for its annual Slipper Day initiative.

By simply buying a R10 sticker and wearing slippers to work, school, varsity or even to the local shops, participants can enable children with life-threatening illnesses to see their dreams become a reality.

Since the initiative began in 2011, Reach For A Dream’s Slipper Day has continued to grow in popularity each year, with last year’s event raising over R3.5 million. This year, Reach For A Dream is hoping to sell 650,000 stickers, which will almost double its fundraising total for 2015.



About Slipper Day:

Slipper Day is one of Reach For A Dream’s biggest fundraisers and allows the foundation to raise a substantial amount for dreams and projects.

“It is such a simple and easy way to do something good and support children fighting life-threatening illnesses. Even during tough economic time you can make a difference with just R10 and doing something fun with your feet!  By wearing your slippers on Slipper Day, you can help to bring dreams to life and if we can make dreams come true, we can instil hope in a child which will help them to continue fighting,” said Julia Sotirianakos, Reach For A Dream’s CEO.

Meet The Dreamers

How To Get Involved:

The Reach For A Dream Slipper Day stickers can be found in all Reach For A Dream branches, as well as in Wimpy or Pick n’ Pay stores nationwide. Those who proudly sport their slippers and sticker on Slipper Day will also receive a free, regular Wimpy coffee on 5th August. 

For more information on Slipper Day or the Reach For A Dream Foundation, visit: or






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