Reasons To Switch To Natural Skincare – With The Victorian Garden

For a few years now i have come across so many articles about why you should start using ‘natural skincare’ products. I didn’t quite understand why, because the products i have been using all my life have been absolutely fine on my skin. What i did not realise, was the amount of chemicals we are not only putting on our skin, but inside our body’s!

So i decided that for this month of October, i will be focusing on taking all products out of my hoousehold that don’t include natural ingredients. I started with my skincare products…

Did You Know: The average person slathers on around 10 different products to the skin, which means that your body is absorbing around 130 chemicals that are detrimental to your health

Reason 1 

If you have sensitive skin or easily aggitated skin then you should definetly go for natural products, the ingredients that are in them will actually heal the skin rather than irritate it more

Reason 2

Natural ingredients tend to be a lot more affordable (not only money wise but for your body too)

Reason 3

Farmers that make the products / plants / oils that are used in the skincare range do not use harmful chemicals and pestisides so it doesn’t harm the environment around us

Reason 4

There is actually NO reason why you should put your body through dealing with the harmful chemicals.

The Victorian Garden Products:

Rosemary & Nettle 100% Natural Soap

A healing and anti-bacterial soap excellent for use on eczema, psoriasis and acne. Improves skin circulation and helps to fight off skin-damaging free-radicals.

Their new botanical soap bar collection takes inspiration from this field of study and they’ve chosen their favourite herbs and plant extracts for their medicinal and cosmetic benefits on the skin. Not only good for you, they smell amazing too!

Tucked away on an organic farm in the Cape mountains, Victorian Garden soaps are lovingly made by hand from 100% natural ingredients. A blend of pure vegetable oils are infused with essential oils and prettily coloured and patterned with interesting natural vegetable dyes.

Each bar is hand crafted according to traditional artisanal methods, the soaps are then left to dry on trays in the warm Cape winds which blow across the farm. This special method of production means each bar is unique in appearance and high in quality!

Mango & Vanilla Body Butter

This luxurious Body Butter nourishes and nurtures dry skin, Shea Butter is blended with active botanical extracts of Rosehip – renowned for fast cell regenerating and micro-circulatory stimulating properties.

Mango Butter is a potent antioxidant and leaves skin soft, hydrated and youthful.


A must for those suffering with dry, scaly and itchy skin and for use on dry cracked feet and nails.

Rose, Pomegranate & Pink Grapefruit Replenishing Anti Aging Hand Cream

Enriched with organic Shea Butter and Rosehip, this rejuvenating hand cream targets dehydrated, scaly and environmentally damaged hands to deeply replenish and revive the skin. With precious extracts of Pomegranate, Dragon’s Blood and Rose Oil to repair and nourish very dry and sun-damaged hands.


Vanilla and Pine Needle Revitalising Shower Gel

Reminiscent of the aroma of a pine forest this invigorating soap free Shower Gel gently cleanses the skin, emulsifying and removing pollution and dirt without damaging the skin’s delicate pH balance. The glorious scents of Pine Needle and Vanilla make this a most unusual shower experience. Mild enough for daily use.

To view all of The Victorian Garden Products you can go to their website






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