Reduce Cellulite With This DIY Coffee And Brown Sugar Scrub

Reduce Cellulite With This DIY Coffee And Brown Sugar Scrub

I enjoy mixing up my own beauty treatments because I know exactly what I’m putting into them. I also believe that all-natural ingredients like brown sugar are not only great for your skin, but your entire body.

Sure, some beauty treatments are more effective than others, but if you have the time, try to make your own lotions and potions. You won’t only save money-saver, but you’ll enjoys it too!

This brown sugar and coffee scrub I’m about to share is amazing. I use it in the shower most mornings. It helps diminish the appearance of cellulite while firming the skin and lends it a nice glow at the same time. 

Why coffee and brown sugar?

Brown sugar effectively sloughs off dead skin cells without being too harsh. It is is an excellent natural exfoliator and  helps improve blood circulation. Coffee, on the other hand, is great for your skin because of its caffeine content. Caffeine helps dilates blood vessels, which in turn tones and tightens tissue. Furthermore, it increases circulation and reduces water retention, both of which may also help smooth the rumpled look of cellulite.

Cellulite scrub recipe

You’ll need:

500 ml sterilised glass jar (dunk it in hot water to sterilise)
1 cup brown sugar
One cup grape seed oil
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup freshly ground coffee
10 drops essential oil of choice (sweet almond or grapefruit are good options)

What to do:

Place the brown sugar in the jar and pour the oils in over it. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well.
The, apply a generous amount of scrub to damp or wet skin. Exfoliate all-over in circular motions, then rinse off with warm water.

If you place your jar on the side of your bathtub or shower, you might get some water in it. This can diminish the shelf life greatly because adding water into the mix allows for bacteria to breed. Therefore, try to scoop the scrub out of the jar as far away from the bathtub or shower as you can. If a little water does get in, try to use it within one month. However, it can last for up to six months if you keep it dry.

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