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The following article is an important update from thought leader and international motivational speaker Robin Sharma, a man whom we all hold in high esteem here at Life Retreat.

I hope this message finds you in fine spirits, pursuing your great ambitions and releasing rich value into a world that needs it more than ever before…

I’ve never been as devoted to doing my small part to bring on more inspiration, creativity, productivity, prosperity and humanity to as many people as I can serve, as long as I’m alive.

And so with a heart full of genuine commitment to your greatest output, I am making an announcement.

I haven’t done one of my famous worldwide webinar events in over a year. Last time over 22,300 people jammed the lines from 44 nations and we pretty much broke the platform! Nice work passionate learners and A-Players!


As we close out this year, I’ve developed an EXTREMELY potent system designed to help make the last weeks of this year the single best weeks of this year.


I share everything on this very rare and exclusive webinar. We’ll fill the available spaces VERY FAST (and it’s FREE) so get your place now before it’s too late for you to get in.

Snap up one of the limited spaces to this free webinar with me right here.

Please know: there’s still time to make some key PIVOTS so this year ends gorgeously for you. But you need to take some action to make it happen.

Discover the mindset mastery/peak performance system I’ll walk you through in this free webinar with me along with the 4 game-changing daily rituals I’ll passionately share that will flip a switch within you to unleash your highest ambitions–and greatest self.

I’ll walk you through everything on the free webinar. The limited spots available will be gone soon so definitely claim your place right now, right here.

Together, we WILL make sure the end of this year is the finest part of this year and that you round it out strong, confident, productive and joyful.

You can do this. I believe in you. You need to fully believe in you. Please. The world needs more lights and leaders and heroes and game-changers.

Be True, Be Brave, Be Great!

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