Robin Sharma’s Mastery Sessions

Robin Sharma

The following is an update from thought leader, public speaker and life coach Robin Sharma.

I’ve got some very exciting news to share with you after over 7 years of being encouraged to do a weekly podcast, I’m launching one today. It’s called The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions. And the carefully crafted episodes will help you maximize your mindset, install fearlessness, unleash productivity, grow your leadership and live a rare-air life.

Zero cost. Tremendous content. And when you take a quick moment to subscribe right now, I’ll give you a never-released-before training video as well as one of my famous “playbooks” (value: $200) for free to reward you for taking action toward your highest ambitions.

Just follow these easy steps to subscribe to my new weekly podcast:

#1. Go to iTunes and subscribe to The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions.

#2. Make sure you click on the “Subscribe” button as shown in the image below. Otherwise, you’ll miss getting each episode!

Robin Sharma
Take A Picture Like This

#3. After you’ve subscribed, take a picture of the iTunes page (like the one above) with your smartphone.

#4. Send the picture to me at: and we’ll send you the training video + playbook worth $200.

You’re going to love the podcast. And definitely tell your friends about it.

Our world has never needed people of positivity, productivity, mastery and humanity as it does now. (It’s getting pretty messy out there).

Together, let us bravely step into our biggest lives. So we express the fullness of our talents and gifts. And impact all around us by this commitment.

With vast encouragement and love,

Robin Sharma

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2 responses to “Robin Sharma’s Mastery Sessions”

  1. Megan Richards Avatar

    I love Robin’s work! Am definitely signing up, THANK YOU!

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback Megan. I love his work too and try to keep up to date with everything he puts out.

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