Live In Peace and Safety

Feeling for France.  The world is heartbroken.  What a tragedy.  Bastille celebration, turned to carnage. Let’s all try and live in Peace, and safety.

As you can see, I wrote this article a while ago, and for some reason never posted it.  So, while this is now a distant memory to most of us, perhaps we can use it as a reminder. We really must appreciate every day of our lives, when we are able to live in Peace, and safety.

“I have listened to the news on and off all day, and like most people worldwide, I am heartbroken.  Why is it that it seems more often these days, that we wake up to news of unnecessary tragedies?

Our son has been in Antibes for 2 months, walking the docks, and looking for work on a yacht for the season.  A couple of times over the past couple of months, he has walked the docks in Nice.  He  travelled in, and out of Nice regularly, and he partied there a couple of times.  There is a good chance that he could have been there last night. Fortunately, he not caught a train to Italy for his new job the day before.

My sister, and her family are in the South of France, for a couple of days on holiday.  They are staying really close to Nice, and considering the festivities, there could always have been a chance that they would have popped down with the kids to join in with the celebrations.

My brother collected my sister in law, and our nephews at the airport in Nice last night, and if they were only a few minutes later, they would have seen the fireworks, and perhaps stopped off for fun.

Our family would  have been in the south of France as we speak, and we were really disappointed to be staying at home, when we could have been celebrating Bastille day in the South of  France.  I am not sure that we would have been in Nice, but since it is one of our favourite places, there is a good chance that we could have been.

When I woke up this morning to the messages about the attack, I played all of the above in my head.  And, although I knew everyone was safe and sound, I needed to check.  I contacted all our family members to confirm this.  And then I breathed a sigh of relief.

But the sense of sadness has not lifted.  Why on earth would someone want to kill innocent people, including children.  What is happening in the world?

Are there any answers, to how we can all live in Peace and safety?”

Our motto should be:  “love, respect and accept” always, and no matter what.

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