Saving Puppies Once More

Saving Puppies

At the Mdzananda Animal Clinic, nothing stops the clinicians, vets, welfare assistants and all the other employees from doing their utmost to save injured animals. This true story has touched us, and we wanted to share it with you all.

Late evening on Saturday the 29th of August, one of our Animal Welfare Assistants, Lazola, received a call from a community member. A shack had burnt down and a puppy had been trapped inside.

Lazola immediately raced to the scene where he found a pile of burnt rubble which, just moments ago, had been someone’s home. The owners had removed the pup and was sitting with him in their neighbour’s home.

The pup was amazingly not physically harmed – no burn marks, no scars – but he was struggling to breathe. This little pup had inhaled a huge amount of smoke. With smoke inhalation, injury occurs as a result of direct heat damage to the upper airway and lining of the nose.

Serious lung injury can also occur. The little pup was struggling to breath and coughing continuously.

Lazola rushed the pup to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic which had already closed for the day. He called one of the veterinarians for advice and administered emergency medication.

The pup was placed in a snug little cage to rest and for the medication to take effect. Lazola had little hope that this puppy would survive.

The next day, when checking up on the puppy, the puppy was starting to show signs of getting better but the risk was not over.

He was closely monitored for the days thereafter and to our great joy the pup recovered fully. He was returned to his owners on Thursday the 3rd of September. His owners were overjoyed.

His owners are currently reconstructing their home with assistance of their neighbours who they are presently staying with.

The good people at the Mdzananda Animal clinic are doing incredible work, day in day out (as well as night in night out!). Saving puppies is just one of the many amazing things they do. You can help their cause. Visit their website here. You can also donate right now, by messaging “Donate Dog” to 48748 at R10.

Saving Puppies
A worker at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic takes some of the patients for a walk!






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