Seven Levels Of Celltone Luxury


Seven luxurious products in one pack. When Celltone released this multi-pack of skin care products, I was skeptical that they would all work together to transform the way my skin looks and feels. After having used all 7 for a total of one month now, I can say exactly that. Before I go into details, let’s go through the pack

1. Facial wash

Celltone’s Newest Pamper Pack

2. Exfoliator

3. Cleanser

4. Toner

5. Mask

6. Moisturizer (SPF 15)

Extra: Tissue oil

As instructed by Celltone, I started with the facial wash. My skin can be oily at times, and one of the first things that I noticed was that my face felt considerably less oily than before I used it. I was impressed by how a face wash could work on the smoothness of my skin as well. My skin was ready for number 2, the exfoliator.

The instructions told me to use the exfoliator 2 times per week, so in total I have used it 8 times over the last month. It works at peeling away the built up dead skin cells, and if you suffer from bad skin (blackheads, pimples and even more serious acne) it will do wonders for you. You will notice the effects of the exfoliator immediately, and the effects will last for days.


Celltone’s cleanser was next on the list, and while it promises to leave the skin with “a smooth and radiant glow”, I feel like it worked less well than the other products in the pack. Although it did add a feeling of skin refreshment, the effects are not as pleasing as promised. So let’s move on to the toner.

It has moisturizing properties that really work well in softening the skin and taking away the redness left from cleansing, which can be considerable if you have sensitive and dry skin. It definitely left my skin feeling even smoother and overall I think it is the best product in a pack of very, very good products.

It Will Do Wonders For Your Skin

The mask was the fifth item in the pack, and the instructions told me to use it once or perhaps twice a week, for the purpose of rehydration. It has high levels of Keratin, Collagen and Elastin that rehydrate wrinkled and dehydrated skin. I do suffer from dehydrated skin from time to time, so this was like a God-send to me. I used it perhaps more than was necessary because of my skin’s tendency to become dehydrated, but trust me when I say it worked.

The final product that I used was number 6, daily moisturizing facial lotion. I used it twice daily to really refresh and moisturize my face. It felt and looked healthier (seriously, try looking up close in the mirror before and after application – you’ll see a big difference!).

Tissue Oil

Bonus: My partner was keen to use the tissue oil, as she wanted to reduce the visibility of stretch marks post-having a baby. She used it everyday after showering, and found it to not only reduce the darkness of her stretch marks, but also to soften the skin, reducing the effect in two ways. It lasts well, too. After using it for a month it is still in good supply. In fact, all seven items in the pack have lasted this long and I’m sure they will continue to last me for months more.

Celltone have really shot a hole in one with their luxury pamper pack. The items combine so well when used one after another. Try it, your skin will thank you for it.

Article by Josh

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