Seven Tips to Prevent Infections

Seven Tips to Prevent Infections

We all go through stages where we find ourselves frequently falling ill. And, as much as you want to brush off these little illnesses, you need to know what you can do to avoid them.

I have a few tips that I follow and I hope they can help you lower your risk of infections.



1. Wash your hands all the time

Always wash your hands with water and soap before and after using the bathroom, before handling food and after handling pets and money. If you have a cold, wash your hands often as you can.

2. Avoid sharing drinking and eating utensils

This is a really good way to spread infections.

3. It’s important to cook thoroughly

Avoid eating raw or undercooked meat or poultry, raw seafood and eggs. Also, avoid drinking or cooking with unpasteurized milk and if your family loves to eat hamburgers ensure that they are cooked thoroughly to kill any bacteria.

4. Drink clean water

It’s very easy to drink water that is likely contaminated. This can include water from streams, wells or lakes near campsites or hiking trails. If you can try to boil your water before you drink it.

5. Keep your fingers away from your face

It’s very easy to put your fingers in your mouth or your eyes but this is a very easy way to transmit germs.

6. Recognise any signs of generalized infection

Infections usually have signs and symptoms including fever, sweats and chills. For skin infections look out for redness and warmth. Most infections are treatable in the early stages so don’t delay contacting your doctor when you’re sick.

7. You don’t need an antibiotic

Antibiotics don’t help with many common infections and over using them can encourage the growth of drug-resistant microorganism. So, when you see your doctor don’t expect an antibiotic. Just do everything you can to avoid getting to this point.

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