Simple Steps To Detox Your Makeup Bag

Simple Steps To Detox Your Makeup Bag

Detoxing your makeup bag can be as therapeutic as a body detox. It will be a time when you’ll transition to makeup products that won’t strain your pocket and jeopardize your health.

You see, the average woman lathers, moisturizes, rubs and sprays a variety of skincare products on her body every day. Because your skin behaves more like a sponge than a barrier, you absorb most of the chemicals you regularly expose yourself to! As much as cosmetic companies continue to maintain that the chemicals are safe, some of them aren’t. And, the safe ones are only safe in small doses, at least. However, considering the fact that the average woman wears make-up every day, you can understand how a small dab here and a quick spray there can add up!

If you opt for natural personal care and make-up items, you won’t only prevent your chances of developing skin infections,irritations and disorders, but also reduce your environmental footprint. Here’s how to go about doing it…

How to green your makeup bag

1. Keep it simple

Don’t allow cosmetic advertising to fool you. Myriad lotions, creams and makeup at the cosmetic counter make big promises they usually can’t deliver on. All those the fancy anti-ageing products can never turn back the hands of time. In fact, most eye creams have the same formulation as your basic facial moisturiser. Therefore, try to keep it simple. The first and most important step to greening your makeup bag is to take note of the products you use and their ingredients. As tedious as this exercise seems, you have to familiarize yourself with ingredients so you can know how to keep it simple.

2. Natural isn’t always natural

The words “all-natural” and “natural” are not regulated labeling terms. So, watch out for green-washing and prioritize! Detoxing won’t happen overnight. Therefore, start by rating all the products in your makeup bag in order of priority. You might not be ready to part with products containing toxic ingredients yet. So, take note of them. Once you’ve used them up, ditch them.

3. Say no to fragranced products

There are a variety of toxic chemicals that go into the mixture of a single product’s fragrance. This is why artificial fragrances, which normally contain phthalates, usually trigger allergic reactions and other skin disorders. Therefore, try to be mindful of the hidden dangers of the parfum or fragrance that is listed on ingredients labels. I recommend choosing fragrance-free products as often as possible.

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