Six Natural Ways To Calm Your Dog

calm your dog

When your dog is behaving funny, your first response is usually punishment. However, poor behavior is usually a sign of stress or anxiety caused by noise, changes in your schedule or a move.

If the you aren’t be able to determine exactly what’s bothering them, check with your veterinarian to rule out any medical causes first. Otherwise, including some of the relaxation techniques I’m about to share throughout your day can help your dog relieve tension and get back on track.


1. Laughter

As much as science is slow to agree that dogs laugh, our animal friends do laugh and smile when they are happy. Researchers found that playing recordings of what’s been identified as dog laughter to the other dogs can dramatically quiet and calm them down. In fact, some dog trainers imitate a dog’s laugh to help settle anxious or agitated animals.

2. Music

A study conducted by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow found that playing classical music to dogs helps lower the dogs’ heart rates and reduces stress-related behavior like standing and barking. The researchers further found that dogs respond even better to soft rock and reggae. In addition, the musician Alianna Boone found that playing harp music to dogs at a Florida veterinary clinic lowers their anxiety.

3. Exercise

Bored dogs behave badly. So, try to keep your dog active. It’s not only good for the dogs health but is also is a great time to bond with your puppy. Aim for 30 minutes to 3 hours of exercise daily. Whatever activity you do, make sure you and your dog both enjoy it.  Try simple things like swimming, having them run next to your bicycle or going for a relaxing walk.

4. Massage

We all know the benefits of massage. From stress and pain reduction to improved circulation and toxin elimination. There isn’t much research on the benefits of massage for animals, but it’s logical they would have similar benefits. So, give your dog a massage. It won’t only calm them but is also a great way to spend some intimate time together.

5. Grooming

Give your pooch a nice brush in the evening. This can won’t only help your puppy wind down for the day but is also a good chance for you to do a quick inspection for fleas ticks or skin conditions that might be bothering them. However, for some dogs, grooming can cause more anxiety and stress. If this is the case for your puppy, try some extra petting and snuggling.

6. Lavender Essential Oil

Studies have shown that lavender essential oil can help lower your dog’s heart rate and trigger a calming response in their nervous system. It’s also helps calm dogs with a travel anxiety before a car ride. You can add some drops of lavender oil on their mat, blanket or other sleeping surface. Don’t apply oil directly on their fur because it can be toxic if ingested.

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